The Best Supplier of Automotive Stamping Parts in China

In the automotive stamping parts, one part can be directly made into automotive parts after stamping, and the other part can be made into automotive parts after welding, machining, painting and other processes after stamping. There are many kinds of automobile stamping parts, such as automobile shock absorber stamping parts spring tray, spring seat, spring bracket, end cover, cover, compression valve cover, compression valve sleeve, oil seal seat, bottom cover, dust cover, impeller, oil cylinder, lug, support, etc. are all automobile stamping parts. Through this guide, you can harvest the best several Chinese metal stamping parts supplier.


Pincheng Hardware Products (predecessor of Tenral) was founded in 2005. Initially manufactured simple stamping parts, providing single metal parts for some domestic customers. With the continuous development of the company, the customer base continues to expand. So in 2010 we made a big decision, which was the separation of the company (business) and Tenral was established. Pincheng was retained and in charge of mainland China operations, and Tenral in charge of international operations. The production division has not changed, and we have bought stakes in other manufacturing companies to expand production. Today, we have more than 100 sets of production equipment, covering an area of more than 70,000 square feet and nearly 100 employees. To meet the different needs of customers, an in-house tool shop has been established, specializing in the manufacture of complex and precise stamping tools and dies.

Anhui Ningguo Chenguang Precision Industry Co., Ltd

At present, it has 750 employees. It is a modern emerging Zhejiang funded enterprise specializing in the production of automotive parts. The company was formerly Anhui Ningguo Chenguang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. In order to achieve rapid development of the company, it was listed on the New Third Board. In July 2014, the company was renamed Anhui Ningguo Chenguang Precision Co., Ltd. Main products: metal stamping parts, stamping welding parts, plastic parts, rubber bushing inner and outer tubes.

Xinhe Huaxing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

It is a specialized enterprise engaged in the production and manufacturing of stamping parts and welding parts assembly for large, medium and small cars. The company has the ability of mold design and manufacturing (more than 10 mold design and development engineers and technicians, mold workshop processing center, CNC milling, EDM wire cutting and other equipment are complete), and has a complete production and manufacturing system integrating mold design and manufacturing, hydraulic, stamping, machining, combined welding, heat treatment and inspection. It is realized that all raw materials, processing and manufacturing in each process, and finished products are completed in the factory. It has strong quality control ability, reduces production costs, and improves product competitiveness. Main products: automobile chassis suspension stamping parts, brake disc housing, stretching assembly, car front swing arm, engine main beam, oil seal seat ring, steering knuckle main pin, rear axle housing cover, dust-proof disc, adjusting gasket, various automotive springs and other products.

Connor Machinery Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

Connor is an international leader in providing high-precision metal stamping parts, stretching parts, metal wire forming and welding requirements. Connor provides technical service support and industrial technology in automobile, heavy truck and electronic markets. We have fully controlled factories in the United States, Mexico, Singapore, and Suzhou, China to serve these markets.

Laizhou Yatong Metal Products Group Co., Ltd

The business scope covers: automobile parts manufacturing, mold manufacturing, export metal products manufacturing, mining vehicle manufacturing, loader manufacturing, high-tech product R&D and industrialization, standard parts manufacturing, modern logistics packaging appliance manufacturing, etc. Main products: car, light truck, heavy truck stamping parts design and development, production, welding, coating, logistics and transportation, mold design and manufacturing and stamping decorative parts, body stamping parts&welding assembly.

Shanghai Xinpeng Lianzhong Auto Parts Co., Ltd

The company’s main business is the uncoiling and stamping of large passenger vehicle panels and the welding and manufacturing of body assemblies. Its main products are various types of large passenger vehicle panel stamping parts and various types of body assembly welding parts. The main production equipment includes: German Schuler 8100t high-speed automatic stamping production line; Spanish Fage uncoiling and blanking line; The production equipment, production equipment, manufacturing process and product quality of Doctor Brand and Meida Brand welding lines are at the leading level in China. With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry, the company has closely followed the pace of the development of the automobile industry, and has successively set up factories in Shanghai, Yangzhou, Ningbo and Changsha to produce passenger car parts for the passenger car main engine factory.

Final thoughts

These are the best stamping parts suppliers in China. Their businesses are all over the world. They not only occupy a leading position in the stamping industry in China, but also have great influence in the world.

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