Hemp vs CBD Oil: What Are the Differences?

Statistics show that one in every 7 adults in the US uses CBD. This serves as evidence of how big the industry has gotten. Before the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD was not a commonly-discussed topic, and many people had never heard of it.

Hemp is another business that’s been growing as of late. The legalization of CBD, and in some states marijuana, has created a renewed interest in hemp and substances derived from it as health products.

This raises questions about hemp vs. CBD oil. For instance, what is the difference between the two? Read on as we discuss that in this article.

Manufacturing Process

Perhaps the biggest difference between hemp oil and CBD oil is how they’re made. Both substances come from some variety of cannabis plant, but they’re harvested in different ways.

Hemp oil is made by crushing hemp seeds, whereas CBD is extracted from other parts of the plant such as leaves and stems. Despite both being made from the cannabis plant, neither one contains THC nor can get you high.

Health Benefits of Hemp

CBD and hemp oil are both known to have health benefits, but not the same kinds of health benefits. Hemp oil offers dietary benefits. It contains fatty acids and other ingredients that are good for cardiovascular health.

Hemp can be a great addition to your life, but we’d recommend using it as a cooking ingredient rather than a medicine.

Health Benefits of CBD

CBD, meanwhile, has more potential therapeutic effects that are being studied. It triggers certain chemicals in the body that might have an effect on a few different ailments.

The biggest benefit seems to be the management of discomfort, at least in certain circumstances. While CBD could potentially help with many conditions, management of discomfort is the most widely accepted use and has the most research behind it.

Keep in mind that there’s still a lot we don’t know about CBD. There haven’t been many studies done on humans, although there have been some promising results in animal trials. At this point, the potential therapeutic uses of CBD are speculation and theory.

Full Spectrum CBD

CBD can be great in its own right, but it seems to work better when combined with THC. Scientists have named this the entourage effect. If it’s real, it would prove that our endocannabinoid system is even more sophisticated than we thought.

With this in mind, some companies sell CBD with a certain amount of THC still mixed in. The market name for this is full spectrum CBD

Hemp vs. CBD Oil: What to Know

When it comes to hemp vs. CBD oil, there are some key differences to know. Hemp oil is mostly a dietary aid, while CBD oil might have more therapeutic uses.

We’ve discussed this in more detail in this article, but there’s always more to learn, especially since cannabis is becoming more accepted and more research is being done.

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