Anger Management – All You Need To Know

Anger Management

What is Anger?

Have you ever felt like the blood pumping in your veins has suddenly got hot? You’re standing still, but your heart is racing like you’ve run a marathon? That adrenaline-inducing, red-hot emotion is anger. Anger is a very simple feeling. It is one of the primary emotions human beings feel. There can be a dozen reasons for why you might feel angry, and one of them is when things simply do not go your way. 

Imagine this: you’ve been studying hard for your history exam for days. Your paper goes well, but when you get it back, you see that your teacher has failed you! Anger is what you’re going to feel. It is a blend of the unpleasantness, injustice and humiliation you feel when a situation you expected to go well, takes a one-eighty-degree turn. The catch about anger is how you react to it? Do you go up to your teacher and yell at her? Do you break things to take your frustration out? Or do you just simmer quietly, until you feel calm? If you are someone who tends to react violently when angry, visit a Psychiatrist in Lahore to sort your feelings out, and learn to react in a better manner. Or you can take a look at the article below for some quick tips about managing anger. 

What is Anger Management?

Now what really is anger management? Let’s break this term down. Anger management refers to a psychotherapeutic way of preventing anger and learning to control it. Here’s the thing: anger is a normal emotion that each one of us feels. It is natural to feel angry in the face of problems, but the way your anger materializes is what makes it good or bad. A lot of times, you might feel that your anger is justified, but the question is how you can express it in a healthy manner. 

Many people think anger is a negative emotion, and not feeling it at all is the best way of dealing with it. But that’s not true, tamping any kind of feelings be it anger or sadness it is never a good idea. Denying your anger leads to its suppression. Suppression results in bottled up feelings, until you cannot hold it anymore and have an intense fit or in some cases a nervous breakdown.

Anger is not always negative. In fact, psychologists believe that it is important to feel angry at times, so that you can learn to stand up in the face of adversities. Anger can be empowering! 

How Can You Manage Anger?

One way to manage anger is to understand the reason behind it, and search for better alternatives to express it. For example, if your teacher has failed you, try to think why? Maybe your paper just wasn’t good enough. Instead of seething in fury, you can go up and ask her what you did wrong, and how you can improve. 

Another way is to rewind. Your body has physical signs that depict anger. It could be the way your jaw clenches and shoulders get tensed, or your breath shortens. Once you are able to identify these signs, you can control yourself better.

Practicing breathing exercises can be really helpful for people with anger issues. Closing your eyes and imagining a peaceful scenery also helps some people in feeling better. If you are someone who tends to explode when angry, create a safe distance between yourself and the people around you. Once you have calmed down, you can go back to solving the issue at hand. With a clear head, you can also make better decisions. Talking to someone close to you can also help manage anger in a healthier manner.

Why is Anger Management Important?

The reason why anger management is important is because your actions impact not only you, but those around you as well. While you might feel that people need to learn to adapt to your behavior, you have to understand that you need to make an effort as well. A visit to a Psychiatrist in Fauji Foundation Hospital can be extremely helpful. These trained professionals teach a number of helpful anger management strategies to help wield this emotion in a positive way. Anger can also take a physical and mental toll on you, in the form of high blood pressure and stress respectively. So it is crucial that you sit down, analyze your triggers and think of better ways to deal with it.

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