What Battery Is Best for a Family Vehicle

Your vehicle is a big part of your life. It’s a huge investment and it is entrusted with making sure that you and your family travel as safely as possible on the road. Though there are many things that you cannot control about traffic, the state of your own vehicle is within your control. Making sure that it’s running efficiently is important and car batteries are a huge part of that process.

There are things to look for in a battery that’s going into the family vehicle. A good battery has low discharge rates and high energy density when compared to other batteries. It should require little maintenance, except to keep the area around it clean and dry. You want something that has power, exactly when you need it, whether it be cold starting in the driveway in any kind of weather or getting quick acceleration in a dicey traffic situation. Does auto insurance cover a dead battery? Generally, auto insurance won’t cover a dead battery, but a roadside assistance rider will provide coverage for jumping a dead battery in the event of a breakdown.

A Durable Battery

A 2014 Nissan Altima battery is a durable choice and you can often find these types of batteries with some kind of long-term warranty. One of the keys to durability is keeping the battery and its port clean, dry and free of debris.

Another way to ensure that your battery is taking a fuller charge, and this, will always start and maintain your engine when you need it to, is to take longer drives. Driving more frequently and for longer distances helps to retain your car battery’s power. It takes, on average, about twenty minutes of driving for the battery to recover the energy spent starting a vehicle.

If you live in a cold climate, or experience tough winters, you should look for a battery that is rated for such conditions. You should also check your battery’s voltage before the cold season hits, to make sure that it’s ready to handle the elements.

Easy To Charge

A 2010 Nissan Altima battery is easy to charge, if you’re familiar with the procedure. Your owner’s manual should outline this for you, but effectively, you’re simply attaching cables to it that supply it with power. If, for instance, your battery drains because you left the lights on when you were shopping, you could connect a pair of jumper cables to another vehicle and use its power to give your battery the charge it needs.

When To Consider Replacement Options

Experts say that after three years, a car battery should be checked once per year to make sure that it is still retaining its charge. This is because even the best car batteries deteriorate over time. Your vehicle’s usage pattern is one factor that affects the length of the battery’s life.

Investing in a durable, reliable battery is a step toward ensuring your family’s safety, from Main Street to the highway and every street in between. Once you have that battery installed, familiarizing yourself with its salient features, including how to tell when it’s losing its integrity, is important. Visit an online auto parts store, or walk in to your local store, today and check out the inventory of car batteries, so that your family vehicle can run better, and safer, tomorrow.

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