Can I Use A Gel Blaster Legally In Australia?

Gel Blaster

Gel blasting tends to be a leisure and sport activity which one plays with a gel ball. The sport is now a regulated one and it is possible to play it in a safe environment. Gel blasters are toy firearms which shoot small superabsorbent polymer water beads. The toy is made to look like a real-life firearm but without its weight. You can fire the gel balls employing an air pump within the gel blaster. You may be wondering if gel blasters Australia legal. You must know this before you buy a gel blaster and play the sport.

Legality of gel blasters in Australia

If you want to play the sport in Australia, you need to know that only Queensland is the place where one can use a gel blaster without a license. It is only legal to play the sport here even if you do not have a license. In other areas across Australia, you should first get the right license before going out to buy the gel blasterand playing the sport. If you do not do this, you can be faced with consequences. You can go to jail for 5 years and have to pay a fine.

Even in Queensland, it is important that you do not be seen with the gel blaster in public. There are penalties for those people who do notcomplywith the rules. In Queensland a gel blaster is not said to be a firearm or weapon therefore it is legal to use it.

Legality of stores selling gel blasters in Australia

There are differed online stores that sell gel blasters and their accessories in Australia. When buying the toy gun, you must make sure you buy it from a store that has a license to sell gel blasters and accessories. If they do not have this, they will not be allowed to sell these. The store should only sell gel blasters to those people who have a license to use it.

Getting a license or permit

If you want to get a license or even permit for the gel blaster, you should apply to the relevant authorities.

When wanting a gun license you need to give a proper reason of why you require the gun. This can be for sports or target shooting for instance. It is not a genuine reason to use it for self-defense or protection.

If you want to get a gun permit, you have to give a legitimate reason of why you require the gun. A legitimate reason may be to include it in film or theatrical production purposes for instance.

You need to satisfy the requirements present if you want to get a license or permit. This includes stuff like having no criminal conviction within the past ten years. There are some safety and storage requirementspresent as well.

If you want to be involved in gel blasting in Australia, find out the laws of this in the place you are in. You should follow these carefully.

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