How Regularly Should You Change Your 16x25x1 Air Filter

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Installing a 16x25x1 air filter MERV 13 is one thing. Maintaining it is a whole different matter. The air filter will work as efficiently as it is designed during the early installation weeks. Like any mechanical component, it loses its efficacy with time. That calls for proper maintenance, or it would not serve its purpose.

Ensure that you replace the 16x25x1 air filter every three months (90 days) if you are to make the most of it. Please note that the frequency of replacement also depends on your environment. Consider matters like do you live in a too-dusty place, does the place have a dry climate, and how many pets you have. 

The type of home you have will also define whether you replace your air filter every three months or if it can wait a bit longer. For instance, a vacation home that has minimal use can wait for nine to twelve months. The bottom line is that if you use your home more often, you should change the air filter more frequently. 

I haven’t changed my air filter for a while. What will happen?

To help you comprehend what will happen if you do not change your air filter, you first need to know its actual role. 

Most people misunderstand the role that their air filter play. Its primary role is not to purify the air in your living space. Instead, it is meant to filter airborne pathogens trying to make it through your HVAC system. The level of filtering achieved depends on the MERV rating. 

An air filter with a MERV rating of 1 will let most small particles pass. On the other hand, its counterpart with the highest rating of 16 filters the smallest airborne particles possible. The majority of people use air filters rated 8 to 13. These block various particles like hair, dirt, and dust. 

Now, your air filter cannot work efficiently forever. It will reach a point where it gets worn out as it accumulates more dirt and dust. At this point, you will have no choice but to change the filter or clean it if it is a washable type.

Failing to change your air filter means it does not work properly, and the dirt penetrates your HVAC system. Too much of this will soon start jamming the AC unit, forcing it to draw more power to run. Thus, you experience losses in several ways, like increased electricity costs and failing AC units. 

The other thing that you will now start worrying about the most is cases of contaminants making it to your living and work spaces. A 16x25x1 air filter MERV 13 can capture airborne pathogens to protect you from different illnesses. However, when it has been used for too long and not replaced, it will not perform this role properly. The effect of this is that your air filter loses meaning. 

If you have not installed the washable air filter, it is a good practice to replace it every three months. The washable one must be cleaned as it is bound to get dirty much faster.

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