Top Apps for Job Search in Dubai & Why You Should Build One

Top Apps for Job Search in Dubai & Why You Should Build One

Dubai is among the most futuristic societies in the world, attracting nearly 18 million tourists and travelers from every corner of the world.

Its business-friendly policies and the extensive pool of highly skilled professionals from Asia, Europe, and Africa, draw entrepreneurs and founders to shift their business headquarters to Dubai. Plus, it grants on-arrival work permits to travelers who get job offers in Dubai, making it the perfect place to unwind on vacations and advance the career ladder.

Simply put, Dubai is a haven for entrepreneurs and business professionals, with zero income tax policies, fascinating nightlife, incredible infrastructure, and an elite standard of living.

Best Apps to Find Jobs in Dubai

If you are planning to shift to Dubai for better career opportunities or looking for remote job offers, we have you covered!

Here’s our list of the top ten mobile apps to search and apply for job offers in Dubai.

  1. Naukri Gulf
  2. Skillbee
  3. Dubizzle
  4. Dubai Careers
  5. Dubai UAE Jobs
  6. Gulf Talent
  7. Job Spotter
  8. Naukri
  9. Indeed
  10. Bayt

Opportunity for Entrepreneurs to Make a Job Finding App in Dubai

According to Indeed, there are over 34000+ jobs available in Dubai. Seeing the unprecedented growth of Dubai and UAE in the last couple of decades, these numbers are going to increase at a drastic rate.

Experts believe that Dubai will undergo a major workforce crisis in the upcoming years. And a lack of trusted job-finding platforms could be a critical factor in that.

The Need for Trusted, User-Friendly Job Portals in Dubai

The problem with the platforms mentioned above is the lack of inclusiveness. Skillbee, Dubizzle, etc., are good for finding jobs in the IT and software industry. However, Dubai has more than that to offer. And LinkedIn, after all, tops every other job searching platform in the digital realm.

Non-tech-savvy people find it overwhelming to use these job searching platforms. And nearly 85% of jobs on such platforms relate to the IT and software industry in one way or another.

There are other sectors like logistics, hospitality, medicine, construction, healthcare, fashion, and retail, which most existing job platforms fail to cover comprehensively. Thus, there is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, especially those with a  background in recruitment and human resource, to build a job-finding app for the common folks in Dubai.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Mobile App?

Although building a mobile app requires substantial capital investment, the outcomes clearly eclipse the costs.

On average, a mobile app development company Dubai can charge you between 100,000 AED to 300,000 AED and even more. The overall costs depend on the following major factors:

  • Functionalities required
  • Demographics of the company
  • Tech stack for the app

Steps Involved in Building a Job-Searching App

Building a mobile app involves the following five steps:

1.      Requirement Gathering & Analysis

In this step, stakeholders conduct meetings with the project managers and development consultants to discuss their goals and expectations for the app. After conducting competitive analysis and spending hours on research and development, the team board finalizes the goals and objectives, along with a rough sketch of possible core features.

2.      Planning Features & Functionalities

In this step, the team conducts comprehensive market surveys and tests to determine what’s working and what’s not. The board of investors, stakeholders, and representatives from the development company then finalize the features and functionalities of the app and document it for later use.

3.      Wireframing & Prototyping

The app development team then creates wireframes and several prototypes for the app, following the document. The prototypes then gets shared with stakeholders for their approval. After approval, the development team takes charge of the project.

4.      Development

First, the front end development team converts the approved prototype into functioning screens and interfaces. The interface is then shared with stakeholders, and minimal adjustments are made according to their response. Once the front end is completed, the backend team comes into play. The backend team creates logical connections between different components of the app and add functionality to the design.

5.      Testing & Deployment

Once the development phase is over, the app’s final version gets through a series of manual and automated tests to check for bugs and errors in design and functionality. After approval from the software quality assurance team, the final version of the app is shared with the stakeholders.

And finally, the app is deployed on the respective application stores (App Store & Play Store) for download.

Wrapping Up…

That was just an overview of the steps involved in building a mobile app. These steps more or less remain the same regardless of the type of app.

There are dozens of job-searching apps and websites in the market. Make sure you do your research and build something meaningful rather than simply replicating the popular ones.

Also, if you find the cost of building a mobile app overwhelming, try building a website first. Conduct interviews with 1 – 3 web development companies in Dubai and partner with the one that looks more credible. 

You will always be able to shift your audience from your website to the mobile app.

Good luck.

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