Aconcagua Summit: What is the Best Route?

At 6,961m, Aconcagua is the tallest mountain outside Asia. It’s the tallest in the western and southern hemispheres and one of the Seven Summits. The Normal Route, Polish Traverse Route, and Polish Glacier Route are utilized to reach the Roof of the Americas.

Normal Route

The Normal route is the most well-known way to reach the peak of Aconcagua in Argentina. It is because it is the least difficult of the other options. Because it heads northward most of the time, the conventional route is sometimes referred to as the North Route. Those who do not have a great deal of climbing experience should take this route because it is the best one available. Along this route, the only way to reach the summit is by foot, and you will require crampons and fixed ropes to go safely across the snow and ice. The practically technical challenges that are found along the regular course are something that typical travelers look forward to.

360 Polish Route

The Polish route provides climbers with access to stunning scenery. Glaciers in Poland are beautiful, the Andes are impressive, and Mount Aconcagua presents its many sides to climbers. Those who choose to take this path up Aconcagua will travel from the Vacas Valley to the Plaza Argentina base camp. Afterward, the climbers take a left onto the Polish Glacier Traverse and back onto the regular route. You may reach Aconcagua from the west and the east using this path. This path lets you get used to the altitude better, which makes it more likely that you’ll reach the top of Aconcagua.

Climb Aconcagua via the Polish Glacier

The Polish Glacier Direct is the way to go if you’re an experienced and technically inclined climber who wants to get to the peak quickly. For this route, you’ll need ice-climbing skills. It passes through Vascas Valley and the Plaza Argentina base camp. The Polish Glacier Direct route utilizes only two high-altitude camps on its ascent through the Polish Glacier.

Climb Aconcagua via Polish Glacier Traverse Route

For around two days, hikers on the Polish Glacier Traverse follow the valley of the Vascas River before climbing the Relinchos Valley to the Plaza Argentina camp. It is the most complete and exciting way to climb Mount Aconcagua because it covers the mountain’s northeastern side. The high camp is on the standard path, and two other centers are above the base camps. Typical Polish descent via a transverse. As with any technical climb, this requires a high skill level. Because the Polish Glacier Traverse has a lot of ice and snow, you must bring crampons.


If you take multiple guides with you, you can scale Aconcagua on a budget, but you will still need to select a more efficient path. After reading the material presented here, I hope you will better understand the various routes you can take up Mount Aconcagua. You have the option of climbing a 360-degree Polish route if you are an experienced climber who is also familiar with climbing tricky routes. In all other cases, the regular path is the best alternative for less experienced hikers to use on the trail.

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