Allscripts EHR Vs. Onco EHR: Which EMR Software Is the Best Option for Your Medical Practice?


Allscripts EHR

Allscripts EHR is a management solution for healthcare facilities of every size and specialty. It is suitable for organizations from small, ambulatory practices to large hospitals with multiple departments. It allows you to manage appointments, manage billing & payment information, and schedule staff. All the patient information like demographics, patient notes, and appointment history can also be accessed online. 

Allscripts EHR provides support for practitioners to access patient charts. Also, follow along with their workflow, search records & files, and more. To optimize results and improve search returns, the software uses artificial intelligence (AI). Allscripts EHRs and EMRs have been recognized for user-centered design best practices by the American Medical Association.  

It aids healthcare facilities with clerical and administrative work and the day-to-day operations. It is accessible on a per user per month basis.

Allscripts provides EHR solutions, such as: 

  • Allscripts Sunrise
  • Allscripts Professional EHR

Allscripts has currently five EHR products that are designed for clinics and hospitals. These EHR products are available for practices with different priorities, needs, and types of patients.  

Allscripts EHR Features


With Allscripts EHR software, practitioners can document and chart a patient’s medical data. Also, they can store it for future use. It is designed for specialty practices and large hospitals. Moreover, these solutions vary depending on the type of medical practice (ambulatory on in patient). 

Population Health

Allscripts population health management platform, CareInMotion, provides data analytics, patient engagement, Patient care coordination, and more.  It enables practitioners to study an overall group’s health and focus on more local medical priorities specific to their health organization. 

Precision Medicine

It helps in creating a more personalized approach while prescribing medication rather than viewing patients as a whole. It simultaneously shares information for research and pharmacogenomics. 


Its e-prescribing feature makes the prescription process easier and quicker for patients and practitioners. It assists pharmacies in pulling up medication history. They can get alerts for any drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy interactions. Such interactions may occur based on patient’s current medication or diagnosis.  

Financial Management

Allscripts can connect analytics, planning, and revenue cycle activities to assist in managing finances. It helps in keeping track of revenue while making the process more efficient. 

Employer Health Programs

Its employer health program feature may encourage employers to pay attention to their health. It can also assist you in keeping track of health programs and view your progress.

Allscripts EHR Pricing

Allscripts EHR Pricing is not disclosed publicly by the vendor. Head to the vendor website to request a customized pricing plan for your organizational requirements.

Allscripts EHR demo is also available for you to assess the software’s usability for your medical practice. You can request a demo from the vendor by filling out a form.

Allscripts EHR Reviews

Allscripts EHR reviews are mostly positive but there are also some negative ones. Some of Allscripts EHR software pros, according to the reviewers, are:

  • It is an all-inclusive software package
  • Easy patient scheduling, also it provides a lot of control to its users.   
  • The thing users liked best about Allscripts PM is its speed.

Some of Allscripts EHR software cons, according to the reviewers, are:

  • This is an expensive software program.
  • Its customer support is handled largely by call centers in India and communication is pretty challenging.
  • The reporting feature is lacking in functionality.

Onco EHR

Onco EMR software is a top Electronic Medical Record (EMR). It has been specifically designed for oncology practices. Onco EHR is a cloud-based, web-based Oncology EMR Software. It works seamlessly with medical practices of all sizes. Onco EHR deals with the complex dosage management needs in oncology. It is one of the best Oncology Electronic Medical Records solutions. It is offered via a modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) architecture. 

Onco EHR is designed to be integrated with radiology information systems (RIS). Along with laboratories, Practice Management (PM) systems, and Inventory Management Systems. Onco EHR also offers a patient portal called Patients can easily access their medical records, schedule appointments, and pay their bills by using this portal. 

Onco EMR software supports reporting for the Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI). Onco EHR features an oncology-specific design and a personalized treatment and diagnostic tool. It includes everything from NCCN chemotherapy Order Templates to the latest AJCC disease factors. It also provides critical oncology EMR features like:

  • SureScripts certified Electronic Prescribing (e-RX),       
  • benchmarking,
  •  Visit notes, and 
  • routine management. 

Onco EHR is a 2011/2012 ONC-ATCB certified software.

Onco EHR Features

Automatic Charge Capture

Onco EHR software system generates a complete claim. All the billing information is collected from the drug administration documentation. 

Drug Management

Onco EHR’s drug profiles ensure patient safety with customized rules for dosage capping, rounding, maximum daily and lifetime dose tracking. For intuitive order management, drug profiles auto-select pre-meds and IV solutions.

Treatment Planning

Onco EHR’s treatment planner seamlessly manages the complete chemo cycles. It keep track of current cycles and skipped or rescheduled treatment days, it intuitively schedules treatment plans and parallel therapies. 

Provider Note

The provider notes feature assists in speeding up patient visits with pre-defined workflow templates. It also assists in quickly administering and documenting the entire patient encounter. 

Drug Administration

Onco EHR software’s assisted chemo preparation with automated volume, drug cabinet interfaces, and wastage calculations.

Onco EHR Pricing

Onco EHR pricing is not disclosed by the vendor publicly. You can contact the vendor to get a customized pricing plan for your medical practice. 

You can also request an Onco EHR demo to get insights into the software’s functionalities. You can have a clear idea about its features before committing to its subscription.

Onco EHR Reviews

Onco EHR reviews are majorly positive. Some of the Onco EHR pros, according to its users, are:

  • Onco EHR is a user friendly and easy to use software.
  • It is easy to write prescriptions and viewing them in charts.
  • It helps in easily setting up appointments.

Some of the Onco EHR cons, according to its users, are:

  • Limited access to data fields.
  • Poor reporting functionality.
  • Time consuming for the practitioners to document efficiently.

Allscripts EHR Vs. Onco EHR—Concluding Thoughts

Allscrips EHR Vs. Onco EHR, both software are pretty useful medical practice management suits. Both offer some fantastic features that are specific to their specialties. By reading this article, you can have a clear picture of the functionalities of both software. You can choose the best-suited software according to your organizational needs. But you need to read the user reviews before committing to the software.  

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