4 Tips to Overcome Grief


Grief is the human body’s response to loss. Grieving is not a mental health problem, it is how your body responds to transitional phases and loss. The definition of loss is different for everyone. Common losses and transitions that may lead to grief are: 

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Loss of a friendship
  • Miscarriage 
  • Divorce 
  • Cancellation of an important event
  • Being diagnosed with a deadly disease
  • Loss of a pet
  • Graduating from college
  • Retirement
  • Selling a family home

Grief is not a state, it is an experience that the human body goes through mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Grief can take a real toll on your life until you decide to overcome it. Overcoming grief can be a challenging process but it is definitely doable if you are ready to hop on this ride. These tips can be helpful for you if you are grieving. 

  1. Acceptance is the first and foremost tool in coping with grief. Embrace your feelings and allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling. If something is saddening you, cry a river. If you feel a rush of rage in your veins let it out. Don’t suppress your feelings. Suppressed feelings become tiny scars of trauma that keep bleeding from time to time. Also do not fear any kind of judgment, nobody can tell you it’s time to move on until you are ready and if you are ready to move on it is nobody’s business to stop you from returning back to life and being happy. 
  2. Some people find comfort in expressing their feelings while they are grieving. These individuals should try confiding their emotions with loved ones or join a support group. When one meets and listens to people who are suffering just like them through a support group it validates their experience. As a result of this connectivity, they start letting the pain go away by talking about it. Also connecting with the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore can be helpful if you want help in coping with grief. 
  3. Return back to your life. Nothing is harder than going back to how your life used to be until that saddening thing happened. Don’t push yourself too hard. Take one step every day. For example start fixing your mornings, when you are consistent with fixing your mornings hop on to fixing your afternoons. Indulge in comforting hobbies like taking a walk or reading a book to get your mind off that one thought. Connecting with religion is also helpful for many people. So pray, go to the church or help others if you think it can make a difference for you. 
  4. Healing is a long journey. Some days seem harder than others. Anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays can be huge triggers as they bring back all the subsided grief so be prepared for that. It is completely fine to melt into a puddle of emotions if you are triggered. Stay close to loved ones during those days and let yourself feel what you are feeling complete. 

Since every individual processes grief in their own unique manner one coping mechanism may not work for others. Also if coping strategies do not opt in a timely manner the person suffering can go in a state of depression or turn towards substances to find comfort. So if you are grief-stricken or someone you know is grieving a loss it is best to seek timely advice and care from the Best Psychiatrist in karachi

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