Best Dogs For Families With Kids


Bringing a dog as a new family member into your home is always such an exciting change. There are so many different breeds of dogs to choose from that choosing the right one can be challenging.

When comparing the different breeds and deciding which one is best for your family, think about your lifestyle and how often you can take them on walks. Some breeds need more exercise than others, and others like to lounge around more than others.

Also, think about your kids and what breeds will know how to be gentle around them and also be able to be okay with kids being a little rough. Without realizing it, kids can be a little too rough with dogs, pulling their fur, and playing with their ears and face, so also consider that.

Here are some of the best dog breeds to add to your family if you have kids.

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever dogs are among the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Labradors are extremely patient, kind, and gentle. They are very loving and also very adaptable to whichever lifestyle you have.

Labradors have a lot of energy and love to be around people, and they also do very well with kids. They don’t bark that much and are perfect for people with active lifestyles.


Bulldogs are one of the more lazy breeds; they don’t need much exercise but still like short walks. They are great around kids and all-around loving dogs. They adapt to most living situations and don’t bark often. Bulldogs have very calm and friendly personalities, and most people instantly fall in love with them.

Golden Retrievers

These beauties became popular because of the desire for a friendly, medium-sized dog. Golden Retrievers love to be around people and are very intelligent. They are fairly easy to train as they are eager to please. Golden Retrievers are also great around kids and know to be gentle around them.


Cockapoos are one of the smaller breeds on this list, so they are perfect for people who live in smaller homes or apartments. But they still do well wherever they are living. Even though Cockapoos are smaller, they still do surprisingly well with kids and people. Even then, you will still need to watch your kids when they are playing with your puppy to make sure they know not to climb on it or be too rough.

If you are interested in adding a Cockapoo to your family, here are some Cockapoo puppies for sale.

Irish Setter

These dogs are one of the more active breeds; they love to be outside and have lots of energy. They enjoy playing with kids and other dogs and do well with being gentle with kids. Irish Setters like having a lot of space to run around and play whenever they feel the need.


These dogs are one of the bigger breeds; they do well with kids and are also great helpers in different areas. They are strong enough to pull sleds. They are very sweet and patient, so they are perfect if your kids need another friend. They also only bark when they feel necessary, so you won’t have to worry about them being too loud. They are also fairly easy to train and aren’t too stubborn.

Choosing the right breed of dog to add to your family can be a tough decision to make. But if you look into how much exercise they need and what environments they do best, you can shorten the list drastically and choose the one you like the most.

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