Explore the Chief Benefits of Owning a Horse Saddle


Many people wonder if having their own saddle really is worthwhile. While there isn’t a single, exact solution that applies to everyone, there are certain advantages of owning a saddle. When you don’t own a horse or are only taking lessons, the concept of getting your own saddle can seem kind of meaningless and pricey.

But even if you don’t own a horse, there are lots of advantages to owning your own western saddle. This blog post will share some of the major benefits of owning one.

1. Befitting Size

The best thing about having a saddle is that it is customized as per your requirements! This has a huge number of advantages by itself. When the seat and flaps are of the right size, the rider will be better supported, and good leg position will be encouraged. Being a small rider, you may not want saddles that are far too big, so you do not struggle to keep your leg still and in the proper position. 

In addition to helping you ride better, a saddle that fits you will also help you balance better, which will make your horse happier. It’s possible to unintentionally push your horse off balance from time to time.

2. More Practicality

The difficulties of sharing a saddle are well known to anyone who has ever taken lessons at a large lesson barn without having their own custom equipment. When someone else did it first, or the laborious minutes you spent adjusting the length of your stirrups is really a pain.

The sheer convenience of a saddle, though, is a major advantage. When you wish to ride, there’s no need to ever adjust your stirrups or worry that someone else is riding in it.

3. Better Care Quality

Another benefit is that since you are the only person wearing the saddle, you are fully aware of how it is being taken care of. When you use a lesson saddle or borrow someone else’s, you don’t know how they will treat it because they will be using it while you aren’t. It may have been dropped and scuffed, or they may not have cleaned it at all. You can monitor its whereabouts and level of care in this way.

4. Instills accountability

One benefit for parents purchasing or assisting in the purchase of their child’s first saddle is that it is an excellent method to instill responsibility. Saddles are not a secret. They are pricey, and it can be unsettling to entrust a child or young adult—or even yourself—with that. It makes the owner feel proud and may serve as a useful litmus test for their readiness to manage horse ownership.

5. Making a future-oriented Investment

You quickly see why high-end saddles are more expensive. They are a wise purchase for your riding career because they are exceptionally comfortable for you and your horse and actually do maintain you in the proper position. A decent saddle may last a lifetime with proper maintenance, so even though the upfront cost may seem prohibitive, it ultimately pays for itself. Additionally, you are not required to go out and purchase a brand-new saddle. Additionally, there are lots of fantastic possibilities for old saddles.

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