How Hyperbaric Medicine Helps Improve Blood Flow

Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric medicine can assist patients with several different ailments. These ailments can be treated by helping to improve your blood flow. Here is how hyperbaric oxygen chambers can help:

Improved Blood Flow With Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Our lungs have millions of air sacs that become full when we breathe in. Oxygen moves from the lungs into the bloodstream from the walls of the air sacs to the capillaries. Red blood cells transport oxygen to all parts of the body. When you are in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you receive oxygen in your lungs and through your skin. 

In hyperbaric oxygen treatment, a patient absorbs 100% pure oxygen while in a high-pressure chamber. Your lungs and the entirety of your body are flooded with oxygen. The oxygen you receive fills your blood vessels and can improve blood flow. When your blood cells are enriched with 100% oxygen, they can assist with many ailments. A healthy blood flow can help with the healing process of physical and psychological illnesses. Improved blood flow can help treat infections and other issues. Your blood carries the extra oxygen to areas that need it.

The effects of improved blood flow will last differently for each case.100% pure oxygen is considered a drug by the FDA, and a prescription will need to be written to enter a hyperbaric medicine chamber. A physician should prescribe your hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment. Each treatment plan will look different from the next. Treatment should be followed through correctly to receive the full benefits of improved blood flow from HBOT. 

Areas Hyperbaric Medicine Improves Blood Flow

Hyperbaric medicine can help improve the blood flow to certain conditions like: 


Wounds that need healing, such as cosmetic surgery, broken bones, or scar tissue, can be helped with hyperbaric treatment. Healing wounds starts from the inside and makes their way out to the surface. When you breathe more, you receive oxygen and your blood oxygen levels increase. As blood oxygen levels increase, key nutrients are sent to the wound for a quicker healing process. 


Anemia patients may benefit from the blood flow that hyperbaric oxygen treatment can give. This is because when you have Anemia, the issues in the body are not getting enough oxygen. This creates a deficiency in red blood cells; during a hyperbaric treatment, your blood gets more oxygen than average. 


Patients seeking anti-aging benefits can use hyperbaric treatment to increase their blood flow. When you go through oxygen therapy, the oxygen can improve the creation of collagen, reconstruct blood vessels, and improve blood flow. The increase of all of these things may improve the elasticity of your skin, improve circulation, and more. 

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Neuronal Function

If you are a patient with neuronal function issues such as depression, autism, and other neurological disorders, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be helpful to you. Hyperbaric treatment can improve the oxygenation of the blood and tissues. The oxygenation of the blood and tissues can assist in the growth of stem cells. These are all things that the brain needs to function properly. 


Diabetes does not yet have a cure, but there are ways that HBOT may be able to help certain related issues. When a diabetic’s blood sugar is elevated, it can narrow the blood vessels, stopping blood circulation and oxygen. While in hyperbaric oxygen treatment, oxygen to these narrowed blood vessels can be increased and may assist in the healing process. 

These are just a few areas where hyperbaric treatment can help improve blood flow. HBOT is a holistic medicine, but the FDA has approved it for several treatments. 

FDA Approved Treatments 

Increased oxygen levels in your blood can help treat a variety of conditions, but the two most common FDA-approved conditions for hyperbaric oxygen treatment are:

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: When someone has been exposed to carbon monoxide, they can use HBOT to help treat the side effects. The high-pressure chambers increase the oxygen in your blood and replace carbon monoxide. 

Crush Injury: When a patient is healing from a crush injury, they can use HBOT as a form of treatment. HBOT can reduce edema, assist in the reduction of free radicals, and more.  

To learn more about FDA-approved HBOT treatments, find an authorized HBOT center in your area.

Improve Your Blood Flow

Although there are other ways to improve your blood flow, hyperbaric medicine is a natural treatment. HBOT may be able to assist your overall healing journey by increasing your blood flow.

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