How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android?


Do you believe your mobile phone or tablet may include secret spy software? Adware, keyloggers, commercial spyware, and tracking cookies are just a few examples of these types of spyware. Spyware is hazardous because it makes unintentional attempts to steal your data. Suspicious third parties may utilize this information. 

Do you want to find hidden spy apps on Android phones? Well, there are multiple ways to find them. Though most people own smartphones and frequently use them, it is quite uncommon to be fully aware of all the capabilities of your device.  In some ways, this is very normal—after all, you don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car. 

But on the other hand, we entrust our phones with so much of our lives and personal data that failing to recognize security flaws could potentially get us into trouble.

However, it is very safe to use the Android operating system. Unfortunately, many of the built-in security protections may be turned off by anyone who has access to your phone. They might install an Android spy app to track your text messages, social media conversations, phone calls, and even private data like usernames and passwords once the security has been disabled.

Therefore, this article will show you how to find hidden spy apps on Android phones in just a few easy steps if you believe someone has installed a spy app on your device.

What Exactly is a Spy App?

Surveillance or spy app can keep an eye on your smartphone usage. For your safety, the apps allow you to keep an eye on smartphone activity. It allows you to live broadcast audio and video of the environment and connect to your social media accounts and SMS messages. Some of the best spy apps that may be hidden in your android phones are eyeZy, mSpy, Cocospy, etc.

Sign you have Spy Applications on your Android Phone

There are following signs that your Android phone is being secretly spied on.

1. Rooting your Phone

The process of rooting allows you to bypass some of the security measures on your Android device and thus exercise more control over it. Even though rooting is not extremely challenging, it does require some technical knowledge and cannot happen to your cellphone accidentally. There is a strong possibility that your phone or tablet has been hacked if you discover that it has been rooted and it wasn’t you who did it.

Even if malware can be installed on your Android device without rooting it, some spyware functions cannot be fully utilized due to built-in security measures. Because of this, hackers who want access to specific features or data on your phone frequently root it first to give them this power.

2. High-Data Usage

Spyware normally operates by transferring a significant amount of data from your phone to the servers of the spyware provider, where hackers can access it whenever they want. Additionally, they frequently have real-time access to your communications, location, and phone conversations. To communicate all of this information, your phone must consume a lot of additional data. 

So, your phone may have been compromised if it is using a lot more data than you believe it should. This is another great way to find hidden spy apps on Android phones.

3. Browse your Applications

Many of us have pages or folders full of downloaded games or apps that we may have used for a moment, but then completely forgotten about. Finding a spy app is as simple as quickly scanning all of the phone’s installed apps. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind that your phone comes with a certain number of pre-installed apps; if in doubt, do some research on Google to see whether the apps you don’t recall downloading are a typical component of the Android setup. If you want to learn more about detection of the spyware on Android you may read blogs from different sources like TechyWired

4. App Permissions

Finding out whether apps have access to your microphone, camera, or location information may take a little more time if you do it manually. This makes it a fairly good sign for finding hidden spy applications because it may show whether an app is covertly tracking you without your knowledge or consent. This will help you to find spy apps on Android phones.

5. Check Location Icon

Android smartphones display a little symbol in the notification bar at the top of the screen to let you know when an app is accessing your device location. It may be a hint that a hidden spy app is tracking your whereabouts if you see that this location indicator keeps popping up even though you aren’t using any apps that are permitted access to location data. 

6. Disableness of Google Play Protect

The virus and malware scanner built into Android is called Google Play Protect. Every app that is downloaded to your Android phone will be automatically scanned for malware or viruses while it is running in the background. 

However, the protective scanner for Google Play Protect should always be on by default, so if it’s not, someone may have installed something risky on your phone and had to turn it off so they could do it. In this way, you can easily find hidden spy apps on Android phones.

7. Look Through Device Administrator

On your phone or tablet, apps with administrative rights have more access to the operating system and security aspects of your device. Some spyware and malware programs may acquire administrative rights without your consent. This enables them to avoid detection and get around security measures. 

Therefore, using the Device Administrator, you may determine which applications have administrative rights.

8. Third-party Antivirus App

Play Protect sometimes won’t find every piece of malware and spyware on your device. You can download a third-party antivirus app from the Google Play Store if you require protection that goes beyond Play Protect. To find an antivirus program, type its name into the Google Play Store’s search field at the top of the page. To install an app, tap it, then tap Install.

9. Low Battery Issues

Your battery life may steadily decline over time, which is to be expected. The battery life of older devices won’t be as long as it previously was, but if you see that it is suddenly draining quickly, this may indicate the presence of spyware or other infections.

10 Unexpected Noises During a Call

It can only indicate that your reception is subpar. However, it can be a clue that your phone calls are being monitored if you hear odd clicks, beeps, or distortion while on the phone.

Pros and Cons of Hidden Apps

There are some advantages and disadvantages of hidden spy apps on Android. 

Parents can keep an eye on their young children and monitor their smartphone usage by using hidden apps. The browsing history and social media accounts of the kids are also accessible to parents.Use the hidden app to keep unpleasant chats and other media from children’s and other people’s screens.The majority of hidden apps are made to assist users in hiding personal media files, private conversations, and information from prying eyes. A healthy relationship with your partner and with your loved ones can suffer if you frequently use hidden applications.Accessing the Internet and mobile phones have gotten a lot easier in today’s digital environment. It increases kids’ awareness of things they may be hiding and their phone usage. Thus, the hidden apps assist children in hiding their activities from parents, making it challenging for parents to keep a check on their children.An Internet victim could be a mobile user who is ignorant of these hidden apps and their features.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, you should not disregard it if you have any reason to suspect that you are being followed online. You must follow the instructions above to search your phone to find hidden spy apps on Android.

Additionally, everyone periodically visits dubious websites, and occasionally we unintentionally download files from these websites. Therefore, searching for hidden spy applications for Android is a wonderful approach to make sure that no malicious monitoring apps are installed on your phone. You need to know how to locate hidden spy software on Android phones for this reason alone. To secure your data and phone, you should remove these hidden apps as soon as you find them.

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