5 Reasons Why India Is The Greatest Yoga Destination In The World

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The future prospects of yoga look brighter than ever, after the pandemic. While most of us were aware that yoga is a strong holistic approach towards a better life and health, people were reluctant to adopt it, or give it some serious credit. However, with the pandemic hitting all of us badly, now the most yoga-averse individual has also adopted it as a way of life. Moreover, the recognition from the leading governments of the world, has added to its advantages. Yoga in India is something, that was omnipresent. Now, it is a part of life, which all of us have embraced in totality. 

If you thought that yoga was all about fitness, this idea must have received a thorough rejig today. If you ask people in the U.S. about yoga, pat comes the reply, that they want to do more yoga. Many working people have resorted to learning yoga online or have sought admission to yoga studios at their place. However, you should always remember, that any ancient healing form is best nurtured at the origin. India without any doubt, is the birthplace of yoga. The Indian Yoga Teacher is getting more love and respect, not only from fellow Indians, but from other nationalities as well. Find out why and how. 

Why India Is The Greatest Destination For Yoga?

There are some very good reasons, as to why you should head to India, to learn yoga and why it is the greatest place for yoga. Read them here. 

  • Spirituality – If you want to have a genuine spiritual experience, you must visit India. Yoga was born in the very land of the sages. It is believed to have happened almost 5,000 years ago. Historians have quoted that they have been able to trace the lineage of yoga back to the Harappan and Mohenjo-daro civilizations. You must have read about the Pashupati seal, which was found in a yogic posture. The Indus Valley or the present-day North India seems to be the place, where most of the action happened. Moreover, Yoga in India is a part of Indian culture. Most people in the west, practice yoga for physical fitness. However, yoga enthusiasts in India practice yoga for spiritual enhancement. It is like a way of life. It is also seen as a religious aspect of Hinduism. Yogis from India believe that the ultimate goal of yoga is alignment with the universal consciousness. 
  • Great Saints/ Teachers – Lord Shiva supposedly passed on the knowledge of yoga, to the ‘Saptarishis’. The sages who had recived the knowledge propagated the knowledge down the line of descendants. You should definitely visit India, to learn yoga, as the greatest masters exist in India, to give the best and right knowledge. Take the example of martial arts. The greatest teachers of martial arts exist in Japan, Korea and China. In the very same manner, the greatest proponents of Yoga exist in India. The surroundings also have a role to play, in the preparation of the greatest teachers in India. You can check out the wonderful ashrams like Samadhi Yoga Ashram, which follows a stringent practice to give birth to the best in the segment. 
  • Authentic Yoga – If you are not travelling to India, you cannot judge the authenticity of Yoga. Moreover, you can dive into the depths of Yoga in India, through various philosophies like the ones stated in Gheranda Samhita, Upanishads, and Yoga Sutras. Yoga is a part of Indian culture and heritage. Furthermore, it is also one of the six schools on which Hinduism is based. You cannot learn yoga as a separate entity from its culture, which is Indian. Yoga schools elsewhere will only teach about the physical aspect, which is not true yoga at all. The Himalayas in India, is the best place to learn yoga. Many yogis have also developed their own styles down south. So, you can consider yoga as an Indian ancient healing modality, that can only be imbibed at its birthplace. 
  • Beautiful Landscapes – Apart from the above reasons, India is a country of diverse attributes. There is no country in the world which can boast of diverse natural landscapes, like the hills, ravines, mountains, rivers, backwaters, seas, and forests. Moreover, there are so many temples in India, that you might just miss count of it. You will not find any other place as diverse as India, when it comes to meditation. It is just the ideal place to reconnect with your inner soul. 200 hr Yoga in India is not just about asanas, but it is also about meditation. So, you must head to the caves or the tranquil beaches for the same. When there is less noise around, you can focus fully on yourself. It is a typical paradise for yoga. You will be able to connect with like-minded people, who are also into this practice. So, your motivation levels will be heightened. There are a plethora of yoga centers and wellness retreats in India as well, to give direction to your practice. 
  • Ayurveda – You must consider India as the greatest yoga destination, as it is also where its sister science Ayurveda took birth. Both are inter-related as both encompasses the tree of life. Both are an important part of the Vedic system as well. You will be amazed to know, that Ayurveda is one of the four Upavedas, which ultimately lead to wholeness and liberation. Ayurveda also addresses all the concerns of the body and mind. Yoga is a darshan, which is based on Indian philosophical teachings. It establishes the authority of Ayurveda. So, you can call Ayurveda the science, and Yoga its application. Yoga in India is inherently a mental and spiritual discipline, which has got its medical direction through Ayurveda. 

Thus, all the above reasons make India, the greatest destination for yoga in the world. You can imbibe the true essence of yoga, only under the tutelage of the Indian Yoga Teacher. Moreover, the yoga ashrams in India, take the practice to another level. They are places of solitude where you can surrender yourself to the greater being. So, take the best decision of your life, to head to India for yoga. 

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