Best CriCut Maker to Use As a Beginner

Best CriCut Maker

With buying your very first cricut machine, comes the big question. Which one is actually the perfect cricut to use as a beginner? There are various models with every new one being more advanced and of higher cost. So, how do you choose which one suits you the best? You can easily use Paper cut light box SVG files and other templates to make as many crafts as you want using a cricut maker. Here are three things to check out before you buy one.

Purpose Of Purchase

The first question you have to ask yourself is what do you have to create with your cricut maker. The materials you will be using and whether you have to cut, engrave or emboss on them. The latest version of the cricut machine can cut through over 300 materials. So you can use even thicker materials for your paper cut light box SVG files. If you only want to use a cricut to cut through paper or vinyl, then even the most basic machine will work perfect for you. Thicker materials and bigger projects will require you to buy the latest models.


Your budget is the basis of what purchase you make. If you have a low budget, you will have to look at the earlier models of the cricut maker. The machine starts from 150 dollars and can range up to 500 or more. But just the machine is not all when buying a cricut maker. You will have to buy additional tools for it too. Usually, cricut does have bundle deals on its official websites. So keep a lookout for those in order to get your hands on the best one. If you have no budget, then do go with the most recent model of cricut maker which lets you make bigger projects and work with lots of techniques.

Using The Cricut Frequently

If you are buying the cricut just for fun, a cricut joy is a perfect option. However, with running a small crafts business, it is essential that you choose a much more sturdy and durable option. This is because you will be using the machine much more often.

A cricut maker is machine that gives you creative freedom and is super easy to learn too. It makes your craft projects much more easier and fun to work with too!

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