The Ultimate Guide to Painting Your Home

Painting Your Home

We have mixed emotions when we think of painting a home, whether it’s the first or hundredth time. There is excitement about renewing and reviving the home and a slight worry about how things will progress. Questions like how many days it will take, will the new paint suit the house, should we try a new texture paint erupt in our minds. These are typical worries that a homeowner will experience when thinking of painting the house. Read Miracle Sheets Review 2023 to make sure you can sleep full comfortably at night without any trouble.

Therefore we present a blog that can ease your concerns and help you during your residential painting in Melbourne.  

Choose the Paint Colours

The choice of paint colour can transform your house. However, visiting the nearest paint shop can confuse you because of the available options. Here we present a full-proof plan to select the best colour for your home-

  • Choose a colour theme and experiment with shades of the same theme 
  • Add a mix of dark and light colours, yet maintain an overall neutral finish 
  • Decide the accent wall and match its colour with the existing furniture 
  • If in doubt, opt for the eternal favourites, i.e., white, beige and cream 
  • Choose colours that are warm, welcoming and amp your moods, such as shades of blue, yellow, green, ivory or red 

If in doubt, you can connect with professional residential painters in Melbourne to choose the paint colour as they know the quality and durability provided by each brand.  

Determine the Right Time for Painting

Time is an essential factor in determining the finish and durability of the paint. Whenever you decide to paint your house, whether interior or exterior, ensure that there are no rains, the temperature must also not be too low since mist will make the walls damp, and the paint will not stick well to the surface.  

Choose a warm day and ensure that the walls aren’t wet before beginning the painting process.

It will help the paint to dry soon and render a smooth finish. If residential painting in Melbourne or elsewhere happens on a scorching day, the paint will instantly dry out and generate an uneven finish with ripples and waves. Therefore the best day to paint your home is a warm day when the walls are dry and the sun isn’t too bright.

Find the Best Type of Paint For Your Home

There are different types of paints used for residential painting. These vary in texture, strength, and durability and have diverse uses. The two main types of paints available are oil-based and water-based.  

Oil-based paints: These are a mixture of pigment particles and oil. The oil-based paint is super glossy and durable. However, it also requires more time to dry than water-based paint. Oilbased paint is widely used on doors, window panes, metal surfaces, and walls.  

Water-based paints: Water-based paint uses water as a solvent. As the paint dries, the water will evaporate, leaving behind a beautiful pigment on the wall. These are less toxic and an environmentally-friendly option. We can also easily clean these with soap and water. However, water-based paints may chip and fade when exposed to direct sunlight or rain, so these are common for interiors.

Prepare the Area

Residential painting in Melbourne or elsewhere can be a messy task. There will be droppings of paint all over the floor and furniture, which, when dry, will be difficult to remove. Hence, it is advisable to cover the floor with newspapers and old clothes. Covering your high-end furniture with plastic sheets can help protect them from the splattering paint. If possible, you can also remove the furniture from the room to avoid any mishaps.

Find a Design Inspiration

When you think of painting your home, begin by searching for inspiration on the internet, in home magazines, etc. It can provide many reference pictures and suggest different painting techniques and suitable colours. You can also find colours that complement each other and use them to give a unique finish to your home. Additionally, these reference pictures can help professional residential painters in Melbourne to understand your expectations and provide better advice regarding house painting.

Prep the Wall

Getting started to paint your house can be exciting. However, it’s essential to prep the walls before applying the coating since that will help the paint adhere better and ensure its longevity. Always begin painting by scraping the old paint, filling the cracks and creating a smooth wall. If not, you may spend way more than the standard residential interior painting costs due to chipping and uneven finish.  

Decide on Painting Techniques

We can take residential painting in Melbourne or elsewhere to a different level by incorporating various painting techniques. Texture, stipes, sponging, rag rolling, and ombre finish are some of the painting techniques that can enhance the appeal of your house.  

Most homeowners highlight one wall from each room through various painting techniques to make the area pop. They then embellish it with decorative wall hangings to render a unique look.  

Know the Time Required to Complete the Residential Painting

Painting the entire home can take several days, depending on the need to prep the surface. If there are many cracks, sealing and drying will take considerable time. In normal conditions, most painters require at least a week to paint an entire house, but it can vary depending on the state.  

Having an estimate of time will help you plan better. If you want to temporarily shift to another space to avoid the smell of paint and other discomforts, having a time estimate can be helpful.

Concluding Words

Preparing for residential painting can be exciting yet overwhelming. However, guidance by professional residential painters in Melbourne can be highly beneficial.

You can contact Blue Sky Coatings, a professional commercial and residential painting company who have more than 10 years of experience. They have a highly qualified team with diverse experience and can provide you with the best finish in the minimum time frame.  

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