4 ways to download Twitter videos on your iPhone


You want to save a video you saw on Twitter to your iPhone’s Photos app or Camera Roll because you just can’t get enough of it. If you own an iPhone or iPad and want to download videos from Twitter, check out the simple methods the Twitter Video Downloader provides.

Use an iOS shortcut to save a Twitter video.

Do you routinely utilize video editing software and Twitter for material to include in your memes? If so, you should try out this excellent shortcut for iOS that Saif Al Falah made. Find out how to quickly save Twitter videos to your iPhone’s Photos app for offline viewing by utilizing this short iOS shortcut:

·         The TVDL v3.1 shortcut link may be added by clicking on the link. Anyone using iOS 14 or earlier to access the link must first enable untrusted shortcuts.

·         To share a Tweet, launch the Twitter app and select the Share menu before selecting TVDL v3.1 as the sharing method. To share a Tweet from the Twitter app on your iPhone, select the Share button, then tap TVDL v3.1 from the drop-down menu.

·         Select Allow or Always Allow from the menu.

·         Select the video quality you want, and you’re done!

·         The clip is grabbed from Twitter and placed in the Photos library on the iPhone.

Use AnySave to download Twitter videos.

·         The iOS App Store is where you can get AnySave.

·         To save a video from a Tweet, open the Tweet you wish to save, press the share button, and then hit Copy Link or Copy link to Tweet.

·         When you launch AnySave on your iPhone, the URL to the Twitter video copied to your clipboard will be inserted mechanically. If it doesn’t, try pasting the URL manually or using Paste From Clipboard.

·         Select “Save” from the menu.

·         Simply accept the app’s standard terms and conditions and provide access to your camera roll. This is something you’ll only need to do once.

·         Done! Use the Photos app to watch the Twitter video you downloaded to your iPhone.

Use Safari to save the Twitter video to the iPhone Photos app.

It’s not necessary to have a Twitter video downloader app on your iPhone’s storage if you just use it infrequently. Instead, try this method:

·         To copy the URL, open the Tweet in the Twitter app or browser, hit the share button, and then paste the link somewhere safe.

·         Click on the Download Link. If you want to tweet from your iPhone using Safari, copy the link from the tweet, paste it here, then hit the go or enter key.

·         Find the video quality you want and click the Download button.

·         Select “Save” from the menu.

·         With Safari, you can access your downloads by clicking the blue download arrow in the URL bar.

·         Pick the movie you just saved.

·         With a simple push of the share button, you may email the video to other applications or save it to your iPhone’s Photos library.

Use Safari and picture in picture.

If the link above doesn’t work, try these instructions with a minor tweak:

·         Make a copy of the video tweet link.

·         Copy the Tweet’s URL, then open Twitter Video & gifs Downloader or TW Saver on Safari.

·         Select “Save” from the menu.

·         Select “Download Video” down below.

·         The movie will launch instantly. Select the Picture-in-Picture mode by tapping the screen and then the appropriate icon.

·         To save content to your device, open the share menu, then click Save to Files > Save to.

To get to where the film was stored, launch the Files app, select “Browse,” and select the appropriate folder. You may play the video by tapping it here or share it with other applications by using the share icon. Tap Save Video on the iOS Share Sheet to save the clip to your device’s Camera Roll.

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