What Is Typically Covered In A Long-Term Care Policy?

Long Term Care insurance or LTC aims to help the elderly when faced with a medical condition. These conditions include various disabilities and disorders. The majority of these insurance plans pay for therapy which is a given in most circumstances. However, there are a lot of other things that you can expect as well.

Long-term care policies generally cover a range of services that aim to help the older generations that can no longer support themselves. That being said, a lot of people have no idea what is typically covered in a long-term care policy.

While divided into different subsections, their main goal, in the end, is the care and comfort of the older client. With so many different types of long-term policies in the United States, here is generally what you can expect from a long term care policy:

•       Skilled nursing care

•       Rehabilitation Therapy

•       Personal Care

•       Assisted Living Facilities

•       Short Term Hospice

•       Respite Care

•       Residential Care Facilities

I will be going over all of these coverages so that you can decide what to look for in your long term policy. While the above factors may be commonplace, other long term care policies may provide other facilities as well.

Skilled Nursing Care

It is no secret that many elderly people require specialized nursing care and need it daily. The cost of this type of care can add up extremely quickly, which is why you need to make sure that this is included in your long term care policy.

Nursing care can be provided both at your home and at nursing facilities. You can choose whichever you think is more suitable for your situation. If you require an intense amount of care, then it is advised to opt for a nursing home. This will allow you to be treated by experienced physicians and trained employees that are always on standby.

Rehabilitation Therapy

When you reach your old age, your body often deteriorates and prevents you from doing basic tasks you could do when you were younger. These tasks can range from simple ones, such as talking, to more physical actions, such as walking.

In moments like these, you may be required to relearn these actions so that you can adjust them to your new body. This type of rehabilitative therapy can only be performed via skilled therapists.

As you can assume, they cost a lot as well, which is why this is just another major inclusion that you have to have when dealing with long term care policies. Luckily for you, a lot of these policies come with some form of therapy and rehabilitation.

Personal Care

The elderly often struggle to carry out basic tasks. Many of these tasks can be classified under ADLs or Activities of Daily Living. These tasks can range from cleaning one’s self to eating, moving, and relieving one’s self.

The general populace does not need help in these things once they reach a certain age, but beyond a certain threshold, these tasks can become quite difficult. In moments like these, you can choose to help your significant elder by tending to them yourself.

On the other hand, you can get a long term care policy that deals with personal care. Not everyone is capable of managing an elder, which is why this is something you should also be looking for.

Assisted Living Facilities

Coming off from personal care, if you think you cannot manage your elder in the condition that they are in, you should think about having them placed in an Assisted Living Facility. These types of facilities cater to the daily needs of the elderly and ensure their safety in the process.

While the elderly can still do things independently here, they can do so with the help of an attendant or other people. These types of facilities are especially suited for people who do not require special care and, as such, cost less as well.

Short Term Hospice

There has been a general perception that hospice care is only limited to cancer patients who do not want treatment. Hospice is something much broader. Hospice is formally regarded as the end of life care.

It is given to people who have six months or less left to live. While other facilities aim to help cure the elderly of their affliction or repair any damage done to them, hospice aims to make your remaining time as comfortable as possible.

People usually opt for this treatment in the event that a terminal diagnosis is given. This is limited to very few long term care policies.

Respite Care

Many people opt to take care of their elderly personally. While this is absolutely a noble thing to do, it is also extremely demanding and can take a lot out of a person. Sometimes you, as a caregiver, deserve a break. Respite care aims to offer you that break while making sure that your loved one is given the care that they deserve.

This temporary care is regularly used by families that have to go out of town or just need a simple vacation. Respite care is not essential in your long-term care insurance policy, but if you have it, it can be a great asset.

Residential Care Facilities

While you may not get the services and nursing you typically expect in a residential care facility, you can be sure that your loved one will get a feeling of community and home. These facilities are perfect for people who do not have a lot of medical conditions and can manage themselves with minimal help.

Staffed by the people who reside there, these facilities are a good option for the elderly who do not want to be left alone. This particular coverage is very specific to an individual, and you should not focus on it unless you are actively looking for it.


It is the job of the young to take care of the old, and while there is no better thing to do than to take care of your elders, sometimes the situation is simply out of your hands. You should generally start looking into long term care policies once your loved one hits 50.

With the help of this article, you should have a good sense of what is typically covered in a long term care policy. This should enable you to look for the best LTC policy that is according to your current or future needs and requirements.

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