4 Safety Tips for Ghost Hunters

Around 18 percent of Americans say they’ve seen a ghost at some point. The belief in spirits goes all the way back to the first century. Roman author Pliny recorded the first ghost story. 

Since then, people’s fascination with the subject has grown to the point where paranormal investigations aren’t an uncommon practice. There are a few things that all beginner ghost hunters should know before they set off on their first expedition, however. 

If you don’t bring along the right equipment or get permission to enter a property before you go, you’ll be in trouble. You also have to take special precautions so you don’t bring a spirit home with you. 

Want to learn more about how to prepare for your first hunt? Check out this guide to read all the dos and don’ts. 

1. Don’t Go Alone

It doesn’t matter how many ghost adventures you’ve been on, you should recruit one or two people to come along with you every time.

For one, having a second or third pair of eyes will be helpful to the investigation. For two, you’ll have someone with you who can get help in the event you get hurt. 

2. Don’t Move Things Around 

When you enter a haunted house, it’s important that you don’t alter the space in any way. It’s disrespectful to the dead, and if you’re not careful, you could bring a spirit home with you by accident. 

If you spot an interesting candelabra, for example, it’s okay to touch it and pick it up but make sure to put it back where you found it. 

3. Get Permission Before You Go 

No investigation is worth a lawsuit. If possible, get written permission to enter the space from the owner. This is especially true if you intend to enter private property. 

After you get permission, it’s recommended to visit the space during the day. This way, you can map out any possible dangers and mark the areas that you want to investigate. It will save you from stumbling around in the dark quite as much after the sun goes down. 

4. Bring the Right Gear 

If you haven’t already, visit https://www.spiritshack.co.uk/shop/ to pick up the proper equipment for ghost hunters. You won’t need to grab a lot, but there are a few things that no investigation is complete without. 

Pick up a point-and-shoot camera, voice recorder, binoculars, and EMF meter. 

If you have a little more experience with ghost hunting and you want to take your investigation to the next level, you can grab an infrared temperature detector, parabolic listening device, EVP scanner, and a few dowsing rods. 

Stay Safe Ghost Hunters 

Fascination with paranormal activity isn’t anything new. People have been looking into spirits for centuries. 

If you want to join the ranks of ghost hunters, you’re going to have to take a few precautions. Invest in the right gear, get permission before entering a property, don’t move things around, and make sure to recruit a few friends. Happy investigating! 

For more tips that will help you become the best spirit hunter around, visit the General section of our blog. 

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