The 5 Steps To Choosing Your Ideal Cigar


You walk into the cigar store, but approximately hundreds of them are in front of you. You want to make the right decision without being deceived by appearances. Coat colors, pretty rings, or shiny boxes are details that influence us and try to dazzle us. However, they do not guarantee that the cigar is of good quality or that it has the right flavors at the time.

Suppose you intend to find the best cigar for you. In that case, you are in the right place. This article outlined and discussed all you should consider when choosing your ideal cigar Aficionado. Also, at the end of this guide, we will recommend a place to get the ideal cigar that you can share between your fraternities. Follow these steps to avoid having a bad smoke.

The Store

Always buy your cigars from specialty stores that keep their cigars in tip-top condition. For perfect smoke, cigars require a relative humidity between 68% and 72%. A good boutique will have a wide selection for all occasions and will have knowledgeable staff to answer every question. One of the best boutiques that operate online is the Emperors-cut.

The Format

The size of the cigar depends on the occasion and the time available. The diameter will determine the relationship between the layer, the binder, and the filler. With a smaller diameter cigar, you will enjoy more intense flavors coming from the wrapper and binder. The interior components, the gut, will be better perceived with a larger diameter. The Emperors-cut is recommended for a cigar with a nice format like the Arturo Fuente. 

The Fortress

Choose your cigar depending on the time of day and the harmony of flavors. Cigar, food, and drink should not be overshadowed because you will not be able to enjoy the combination of aromas if one dominates over the other. Your palate can enjoy lighter cigars in the morning and more intense flavors, with greater character, throughout the day.

The Pairing

Try to find drinks that complement or magnify the aromas of your favorite cigars. Depending on your taste, you can harmonize a bitter-flavored cigar with sweet drinks such as rum, port, or a late-harvest wine. If you want to intensify them, you can taste them with a coffee or a dark beer with a residual presence in the back of the palate.

The Brand

Choosing a cigar is a very personal matter linked to the occasion and the experience. But how can you guarantee its quality? The safest way is by brand or name. Only a company that guarantees its quality and consistency, with strict control systems, can promise you a perfect smoking experience—a cigar of ideal construction, combustion, and flavors. 

One of the famous and quality brands is the emperors-cut, which is popularly known for its unique task and a top-notch product.


When you consider all factors explained in the article, you’ll have the best travel cigar and one you can share with your fraternities. Yet the store to trust for your product is always the challenging part. The good news is that you need not worry as we have a perfect store to get what you desire. At Emperors-cut, you’ll get a good brand of cigar ideal for you, so visit our webpage today to shop for your choice.

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