Vacation Rental Customer Service using WhatsApp

According to the most recent data, WhatsApp is used by over 1.5 billion individuals in over 180 countries. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging program in the world, with users sending over 60 billion messages daily.

In 2018, the firm introduced the free WhatsApp Business App, enabling small companies to communicate with customers quickly and efficiently using their messaging service.

The increasing use of WhatsApp’s business app may be good news for vacation rental companies looking to enhance their customer service. Communication through WhatsApp and more conventional channels like phone or email offers an on-demand, one-to-one experience for restless clients who are ready to hear responses or, better yet, book their trip.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp for vacation rental customer service?

TrustYou, a guest feedback platform, discovered that social and text messaging were associated with the greatest levels of visitor satisfaction. Because several respectable hotel chains, like Starwood and AccorHotels, have already started to embrace this approach, we may turn to them for guidance on what to anticipate if vacation rental companies create their own WhatsApp customer service.

1. WhatsApp is a communication route your visitors already know

One of the most advantageous aspects of utilizing WhatsApp for customer care is that your prospective customers are already present.

“Guests want to communicate using the ways they are most accustomed to,” says Thomas Dubaere, COO of AccorHotels Northern Europe. By making WhatsApp a contact option, you may engage with visitors on their terms rather than yours.

“Most of our customers tell us they feel extremely comfortable using [WhatsApp], so allowing them to use it to order room service or ask reception a question is a reasonable step toward ensuring they enjoy the greatest possible experience in our hotels,” Dubai continues.

2. Simple to use with no training required

Because WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application, you’re probably already acquainted with how it works. Even better, so are your employees! Adding WhatsApp to the mix, as opposed to introducing a new application or program that none of your staff has ever heard of, will need very little (or no) training and allow for a seamless transition towards utilizing it for business communication.

3. Quicker response times to inquiries

Not only is WhatsApp a simple way for visitors to contact property owners, but the app’s design also ensures that replies are swift and dependable.

When tourists are in the discovery phase and looking for lodging, they want quick responses to their questions to help restrict their search. You can respond to prospective tenants quickly, effectively, and confidentially if you have a dedicated WhatsApp customer service number.

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4. Gain access to metrics for continuous improvement

The business app makes it simple to calculate the ROI of utilizing WhatsApp for customer support. As a company owner, you can monitor how many messages were successfully sent, delivered, and read – just like with any email or newsletter campaign. You may then modify your message style and methods as needed.

Aside from that, companies utilizing WhatsApp may create a professional profile, which will be vetted and marked with a green check mark.

WhatsApp may be a terrific tool for lead conversion and booking generation and a simple means of communication for vacation rental businesses. As more property owners utilize WhatsApp for customer care, we should expect more visitor interaction, better satisfaction ratings, and more upsells and add-ons.

5. Free global messaging

If you and your visitors have an active internet connection, they may contact you (or vice versa) for free using WhatsApp. This is a significant step forward for vacation rental operators, who have historically received a big part of their reservations from international guests. Neither side has to be concerned about pricey SMS fees or international calling rates when arranging a trip.

Furthermore, there is no limit on the number of messages that a single account may send. You may also use the free service to send photographs, videos, or audio messages to potential guests to provide additional information about your home, clarify any house rules they should be aware of, or even demonstrate how to set your property alarm.

6. Increases rental income

The W Doha, a Starwood Hotel, tried a program employing WhatsApp and other chat services and quickly saw great results for its guests.

Daniel Kerzner, Starwood’s vice president of digital loyalty and partner marketing for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, highlighted some of the brand’s observations in an essay for Skift. “Participating hotels are witnessing revenue increases, and employees are becoming more efficient and comfortable with the service.” For example, it is boosting the number of restaurant reservations and spa treatments. The guest index is improving.”

Since then, Starwood has launched the “Let’s Chat” campaign at over 150 hotels and resorts across the globe.

The convenience of interacting over a familiar channel such as WhatsApp may also result in the seamless upselling of services to travelers. Because you’ll already have basic information on your visitors when they book or inquire, you may utilize WhatsApp to offer a customized promotion or attract repeat customers to book again. You may also send links to your website’s direct booking using WhatsApp for commission-free reservations.

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7. Encourage visitor feedback

Vacation rentals, for example, rely on positive reviews to persuade potential guests to book. Using WhatsApp for your vacation rental makes getting feedback while visitors are still on-site simpler than ever.


You also discovered that when the lodging provider asks for a review, visitors are 3.6 times more likely to leave one. Setting up automated messages on WhatsApp is an excellent approach to do this. You get to check in with your visitors at different moments during and after their stay, and you may also prevent them from writing a poor review.

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