All about Sherry Dyson

Sherry Dyson has been a well-established personality. She has been a great expert at mathematics and hence has been a potential mathematician. Chris Gardener is her ex-husband. Sherry Dyson had taken birth in the year 1950. Her birthplace was Virginia in the United States. She is an American and earned a huge amount of money on an annual basis. Her educational background has been a concrete one. So, she has become well accomplishedas per her career. 

Here are some other facts about Sherry Dyson:

  • Background

Sherry has been a good mathematician in Virginia. Her career has indeed been approachable and inspirational for many. She has been a successful woman in the era of the 20th to 21st century.

  • Relationship

Sherry’s relationship status is a bit congested. She was married earlier but currently, she is divorced. She was married to Chris gardener who is a businessman and stockbroker. In Gardener’s book, “The Pursuit of Happyness”, information about Dyson has been incorporated. In the year 2006, this book was published. Dyson and Gardener could not stay together. They had differences in their behavior. Also, Gardener’s determination to abandon his medical career was one of the reasons for the divorce to take place. Both of them do not have any children from each other.  However, Chris Gardener had cheated on Sherry. Even though he was still staying with Sherry, he began an affair outside this relationship. He engaged with Jackie Medina, one of his students and conducted an affair between them. After a few months, the lady got pregnant with their child. Hence, later this child took birth in the year 1981. His name was Christopher Jarrett Medina.  Hence, after this, Gardener left Dyson and moved in with Jackie. He was ready to become a father and conduct his fatherly responsibilities.

  • Sherry Dyson after divorce

After the incident of Gardener leaving Dyson, both of them got divorced. After the divorce, Sherry Dyson had survived for 14 more years. The movie “Pursuit of Happyness” consists of some information about Sherry. You can seethe movie to know a lot moreregarding her. The movie has some essence reflecting the relationship possessed between Sherry and Gardener. Many online channels are there that show this movie to the audience. You can select one of them and get to know about Dyson. After Sherry and Gardener’s divorce, Sherry had got a stepdaughter too named Jacintha Darlene Gardener. 

Sherry Dyson was successful in her career, but her husband was more successful in his career. He was a celebrity and a well-known businessman in America. After leaving the business career, Gardener started working in the medical field. He worked in the veteran’s hospital and in a lab located at UCSF. The book “The Pursuit of Happyness’ consists of facts about both of them and is keeping Gardener’s first child as the protagonist.  Dyson and Gardener’s married life was only for three years. However, legally they were divorced after nine years. Before that, they were emotionally detached and only legally married to each other.

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