5 Ways to Prepare Your Kid For Their First Day of School

proper sleep schedule

Whether your child is just beginning kindergarten or they’re starting a new grade after the pandemic, there are tons of things you need to prepare for.

As the summer vacation comes to a close, kids tend to experience nervousness, which is natural. Some happily accept the change, while others may have trouble getting used to it.

Here are six great ways you can avoid your child becoming anxious and scared on their first day.

Adjust Their Sleep Schedule

If your child sleeps late or wakes up late, suddenly waking up to a new time will be difficult for both you and them. It will also cause them to be more tired and grumpy. So instead, establish a proper sleep schedule at least a week or two before school starts.

A structured sleep schedule doesn’t only ensure getting the right amount of sleep, but it also helps your child with physical and emotional health. They will wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Shop for School Supplies

Although getting school supplies is already an essential task, taking your child with you to choose the supplies they’ll use will make them more excited and eager for their first day. Some of the essentials include:

●        School Uniform or New Clothes

●        Lunchbox

●        Backpack

●        Pencil Box

●        Water Bottle

Pack Everything the Night Before

Spend a little time packing all of the supplies you bought beforehand so you can focus on getting your kid to school on time on the first day. Additionally, if you don’t have enough time to make lunch in the morning, make something and store it in the refrigerator overnight to ensure they don’t miss out.

Packing some snacks like chocolate bars, candies, or a pack of gluten free gingerbread man biscuits to share with the class will make it easier for your kid to make new friends.

Make Friends Before School Starts

If your neighbors have kids the same age as yours, it’s most likely that they’ll be going to the same school. Meet the neighbors, introduce your kid, and set up a date for them. That way, your kid will have familiar faces in their classroom and will be more enthusiastic about going to school. However, many school managements use Singapore classroom rental which more comfortable for kids.

In case finding neighbors with kids doesn’t go so well, you can reach out to Facebook mom groups in your area and post a request for play dates.

Meet the Teachers and Staff

In addition to the facilities and cleanliness of a school, the teachers and working staff are what matter most when picking the right one for your child. Ultimately whether your child enjoys the school year and learns good habits or not depends significantly on the teacher.

When you take a visit to the school to meet your child’s teacher, take your kid with you to get them familiar so they’ll be less nervous on their first day.

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