Linux Shared Web Hosting: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

The most famous & prevalent web hosting solution for any beginner or new website is the Linux shared web hosting. With the Linux shared hosting, you get the necessary web hosting benefits & privileges to well accommodate your new or low-traffic website. 

Moreover, it enables you to put your entire focus on your website hosting while your web host takes complete responsibility for the server’s administration, maintenance, management, security & other aspects. 

Through this guide, you will learn the essential insights that you must know regarding Cheap Linux shared Web hosting. Dive into the segments below & obtain all the details.   

Are You Familiar With Shared Hosting?

Shared web hosting is the web hosting solution that permits you to share the central physical web server with numerous users. You also get to share the resources of the web hosting server with the users & websites residing on it. Moreover, as there is sharing of space as well as web resources, the shared server hosting plans & packages come at the cheapest pricing. Further, shared server hosting running Linux operating system on its base is known as Linux shared Web hosting. Its plans & packages are even cheaper as Linux OS is an open-source platform that is free to employ. 

Top 5 Questions Users ask About Linux Shared Web Hosting

Top 5 Questions Users ask About Linux Shared Hosting

What is Linux Shared Hosting’s working process?

Linux shared Web hosting is the hosting service that let many users employ & share a single web hosting platform. Further, all the web resources of the central physical web server are also shared among the users existing on the physical server. 

On the other side, the web host takes charge of every operation, update, and functionality of the web hosting server. This enables you to easily host your website on the central physical server without worrying about the working of the main server. 

Moreover, the Linux shared web hosting involves Linux operating system that brings in flexible web hosting features as well as high-end support. 

Is Linux Shared Web hosting good for my website?

The best Linux shared web hosting provides you with the following hosting advantages and thus, serves as the ideal pick for beginning to host your website. Let’s check them out!

  • Your website acquires the needed web resources at the cheapest pricing.
  • Your website obtains enough scalability.
  • You get robust data security features. 
  • With the Linux shared web hosting, you get support from a large community.
  • You also acquire flexibility as well as consistent connectivity to host your website optimally. 

Are there any drawbacks to using shared hosting?

Mentioned below listed are the drawbacks that you can face under Linux shared Web hosting – 

  • Your website might have to wait if the workload increases on the web hosting server. 
  • Your website’s acquired resources may not be enough when the web traffic increases.
  • There are limitations & constraints when it comes to installing the needed applications, software, & programs. 
  • You have to go with the operating system that your web host runs on the physical web hosting server.
  • You get limited access to the central physical server. 
  • You can not make the configurations with much flexibility. 

What is the difference between Shared hosting and other web hosting Services?

There are two other web hosting solutions that are as popular as Linux shared server web hosting – Dedicated server hosting & Virtual private server web hosting. 

In contrary to the Linux shared Web hosting, you get the entire space and all web resources with the dedicated server hosting. The dedicated web server enables you to obtain numerous administrative privileges. It is a good choice for websites with a significantly high volume of web traffic.  

On the other hand, virtual private server hosting is the web hosting solution that serves as the perfect middle option between shared server hosting & dedicated server hosting. It is the right choice for those who require the hosting benefits of the dedicated server but do not wish to buy the entire physical server. 

Why shared hosting is considered great for new websites?

The best Linux shared hosting is the perfect choice for new websites because of the following reasons –

  • You do not have to take responsibility for your shared web hosting server and its numerous aspects, such as maintenance, web security, management, configurations, updates, etc. 
  • You are not required to learn or know coding skills to host your website on the Linux shared web server. 
  • You do not have to make high-money investments or buy an entire physical server space to host your website. 


The best Linux shared hosting is the simplest as well as the most effective web hosting solution you can have to host a small-scale or medium-scale website. It comes with great hosting benefits & easy sharing. 

Further, since you share the physical web server with many other users, you must ensure to buy a web hosting plan of a reliable server from a dependable web host like Hostbillo. 

Hostbillo is the top-notch & well-renowned web hosting company that renders cheap Linux shared hosting plans & packages with the best-in-class facilities. It further enables you to acquire numerous excellent features such as –

  • 24/7 Technical & customer assistance
  • 99.90% Uptime assurance
  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure
  • Robust hardware tools
  • Maximum network connectivity and much more. 

Further, you can go to the official & informative website of the Hostbillo web hosting company to acquire more insightful details.

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