Do Auto Insurance Websites Satisfy Motorists?

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You need to be older to know that we used to call many companies one by one to spend at least half an hour with each, get a quote and compare them. If you wanted to change a slight detail you would start the whole process all over again. Today, you can quickly, easily and conveniently check for the cheapest car insurance quotes online, make a decision within the hour, change the provider, to which many simply sign up for cheap auto insurance, file everything away and be done with it.

Initially, people were asking if it is safe to buy a policy online. They were even asking how to go about it and how long it takes. These days the surveys are about how satisfied motorists are when they shop using one of the websites online or even use their carriers’ site as opposed to using an agent. The findings are refreshingly in favor of digital channels.

Auto Insurance Websites vs Agents

You can still go direct and find a few providers on your own. But most people use those two channels for their coverage needs. Naturally, agents had a very long head start in the game and they have been the favorites for many years. Also, some of them may even be related or neighbor to their customers. They have that level of influence going for them.

In comparison, digital mediums are always there, always open and very convenient. It takes only a few minutes to get a quote online that makes the whole process painlessly quick and easy. That is the advantage many motorists who took the surveys pointed out. They take the worries of it being too complicated away.

Another key point motorists mention is that they like to be in control of the process. They like to change things as they like and go again if they want to. They don’t need to worry about upsetting a person or even being told off. Furthermore, they feel comfortable and able to handle the task thanks to vehicle insurance comparison sites.

What Are the Shortcomings of the Digital Channels?

Some people are extra careful about these things. They don’t want to be in a position where they have a claim but they don’t have sufficient coverage for it. People are aware that such things can happen or already happened to them or someone they know. Then, they want to walk on a stone bridge and want someone else to check it before they get on it.

For example, agents can check but they cannot absolutely make sure that everything is fine. Yet, people feel reassured when a human confirms it or agrees with them. The fact is that online services aren’t yet equipped with such emotional support.

Reactions to Results

There are different interpretations of results. The more careful users point out that it is not a straightforward comparison. We have to agree on that and move on because we don’t have the technology to compare policy documents word by word online and give a reading. Not yet anyway.

The motorists that have a more accepting approach find them very helpful and they cannot wait to start saving money. Their approach is very simple indeed. They choose the cheapest auto insurance quote, with the most add-ons and from a name they somehow recognize.

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