Signs to Call Pest Control

signs of termites

If you think you have a flea infestation, the first thing to do is contact your local pest control company. However, there are signs of termites to watch for that will help ensure you get the best treatment possible:

You see swarmers

If you spot swarmers, it’s time to call in a professional. Swarmers are the reproductive stage of a termite colony and the only part of their life cycle that can fly. They’re also attracted to light, so if you’re seeing them at night (especially in groups), you will likely have an infestation on your hands.

While these are definitely signs of termites, other insects look similar but aren’t necessarily as dangerous—so make sure before calling pest control!

You hear hollow sounds in wooden furniture or floors

If you hear hollow sounds in wooden furniture or floors, it could signify that termites are eating the wood. Termites are insects that eat wood and cause damage to buildings by weakening them so they can’t support their own weight. 

The sound may also be caused by wood expanding or contracting due to environmental changes such as temperature or humidity levels, which can lead to cracks in your home’s structure if left untreated.

It could also be caused by rot in the floorboards or joists under the affected area—rot opens up gaps for termites to enter your home and damage your property further. Again, this is why it’s important not only to address issues like these when small but to prevent them before they get out of hand!

You notice sagging floors, ceilings or door frames

If you notice sagging floors, ceilings or door frames in your home, it could signify termite damage. Termites will usually feed on wood and other cellulose materials like paper. The most common way to tell if you have an infestation is by looking around the house for pellets (small pieces of hard fecal matter).

You may also notice “mud tubes,” which are small mud-lined tunnels that are found on the ground or in walls near window sills, doors and baseboards. These tunnels are created as termites travel from one area to another as they look for food sources.

Your carpet looks like it has bubbles in it

Termites are sneaky little insects that can cause a lot of damage if left to their own devices. The best way to prevent termites from making your home their new residence is by taking regular steps to protect your property. Here are some tips for preventing and dealing with termite infestations:

  • Keep food sources away from the house; this is especially true for wood structures located near the soil.
  • Use screening on windows, doors and vents leading into the home—especially those in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. This will help keep out any pests that might find a way inside!
  • Ensure all pipes in the house are properly insulated so as not to invite humidity or dampness into otherwise dry areas like basements where pipes run through floors/walls (which may lead directly outside). If you suspect something already exists, then contact pest control immediately.

You should not have to live with a pest infestation. Even if you have one or two bugs, it’s best to call an exterminator right away. They can get rid of bugs and prevent them from returning again.

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