G2A vs Kinguin vs Buysellvouchers: Which is the Best Option for Selling Gift Cards?


Gift cards are usually appealing since they enable the recipient to choose the truly wanted gift and ensure that these are designed for them. Whether they like their favourite espresso at Starbucks or are hoping for extra credit in their Amazon account, giving someone a gift card ensures that they receive what they want when they want. And, of course, the present will come on time!

While many of us like gift cards, they don’t always fit the bill. Perhaps you got a gift card to fast-food restaurants while trying to eat healthier. These undesired gift cards may languish in a desk drawer for years or expire.

This post will evaluate 3 of the most popular gift card trading platforms, G2A vs Kinguin vs BuySellVouchers, to help you determine which site is better for selling gift cards online. Let us have a look at it!

What is BuySellVouchers?

BuySellVouchers is a digital products marketplace where you can buy and sell various gift cards, vouchers, and other e-products. BuySellVouchers is an excellent site for exchanging gift cards for cryptocurrencies or e-currency. While you can’t always buy products online with Bitcoin, the BuySellVouchers website allows you to get around the system and trade gift cards with cryptocurrency.

Roblox, iTunes, Nintendo, Amazon, PUBG, Steam, Skype, Apex Legends, Walmart, FIFA coins, Uber, PlayStation, Best Buy, Xbox, Microsoft, Free Fire Garena, Adidas, Starbucks, Nike, Google Play, Binance, CryptoVoucher, are popular gift cards on this site. Binance USD, Tether USDT, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Webmoney, Perfect Money, and AdvCash are the payment options.

The site does not give vouchers or gift cards on its own; instead, it is a marketplace where buyers and sellers may meet and make the deal.

How To Buy Gift Cards On Buysellvouchers? 

On the Buysellvouchers marketplace, the process of buying something is straightforward. To begin, choose the appropriate category. After that, select the gift card that you want to purchase.  After entering the number of gift cards you want, click the “Buy” button to complete the purchase. After that, choose a mode of payment, and then enter your “Email address.” Then, press “Checkout”. When you’ve finished paying, click the “Done” button.

How To Sell Gift Cards On Buysellvouchers?

To begin selling an unwanted gift card, all you need to do is click the “Sign up” button on their website. Create an account with the “Seller” access level. Next, after registration, choose “Account options” from the menu.

After that, you will need to go to the “My Products” area and choose the “Add New Product” option. After that, you need to choose the product category and the product itself, for example, an Amazon gift card. The next stage is selecting several payment methods and e-wallets and inputting the “Price” and “Currency” fields.

In addition, you will need to fill out the fields labelled “Product Name” and “Product Description” before clicking the button “Register New Product.” The gift card has been added and is ready to be picked up by the purchaser.

Buysellvouchers Fees For Sellers:

It may be hard to believe, but the new fee for buyers of gift cards is 0.40%, while the commission rate for sellers of gift cards is just 0.30%. It is unbelievable how BuySellVouchers can operate with commission rates as low as they are.

What is Kinguin?

Kinguin is one of the most popular gift card trading websites. However, If you don’t want to take any risk, it should not be your first pick when acquiring a game code. A grey market is a location where things, in this example, game codes, are sold legitimately without the consent of a business or brand or are not offered directly by the firm.

Kinguin, which debuted in 2013, is a significant marketplace for digital video game codes, offering everything from popular PC launchers like Steam and Origin to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo codes.

Although many customers have stated that game keys bought from Kinguin have worked well, anyway there is some risk moment which you need to take in account. Despite the fact that Kinguin is an honest company, not all sellers who place their products on this platform can be so.

It may be challenging to determine where and how these third-party merchants received their codes, or if they were obtained lawfully in the first place.

 How to Buy Gift Cards on Kinguin?

Use the search box to find your desired gift card, and select it. A product listing page will appear in front of you. Scroll to the bottom to discover which vendors are offering gift cards. Choose the vendor from whom you want to buy and click the orange button.

There are several payment options available. For example, credit cards, PayPal, GPay, Kinguin Wallet, Paysafecard, and Bitcoin, are among them. We are not sure, but we believe that depending on your country or region, you’ll have more or less payment gateway options from which you can choose.

You can see the total in the shopping cart. If you have a discount code, you may enter it here, or you can pay with your Kinguin wallet if you have cash in your Kinguin account balance.

You’ll also see that a Platform Development Contribution cost will add to your basket, which is required and cannot be deleted. There will also be a Payment Charge costs. After that, click the ”Proceed to Checkout” button.

You may examine your order here before paying. If you wish to change your payment gateway, you may return to the “Payment Information” page. When you are ready to pay, click the “Place Order” button. You will get your gift card after you have paid.

How to Sell Gift Cards on Kinguin?

You may sell as a company or as an individual seller. You will need a business account if you want to sell multiple game keys simultaneously. To open a merchant account, complete the Application.

The C2C selling option is ideal for people who do not own businesses. Customers that use the C2C transaction function are restricted to selling five keys at a time. If the consumer wants to sell more, he may fill out a form to become a merchant.

For merchant accounts, Kinguin will need more details, and they will want a business registration certificate, ID, and other information to authenticate the identification.

Kinguin typically reviews incoming merchant account applications within 2-3 days. If approved, you will get all the information you need to sell gift cards on Kinguin’s website.

Kinguin Fees for Gift Cards Sellers

There is an 11% + €0.35 selling charge for each key sold. This commission fee was at the time of writing, so this figure may change to one side or the other over time.

There is also a fee for placing a product into the marketplace. It costs €0.2 and is valid for one year. The charge for changing the price is 0.05 Euros.

Each product has three free price modifications every day. The addition of keys to the product listing is free. Bank transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer among others are the available payment options.

What is G2A?

G2A is a worldwide marketplace for digital products. Their primary audience consists of gamers and geeks, but their catalogue also contains utility software, subscriptions to streaming services, online shopping gift cards, and much more.

G2A provided a venue for vendors to do business and gamers and geeks to pursue their interests without breaking their budgets. They have developed hundreds of formal relationships with large firms, brands and e-sports teams, and even sponsored a central Polish exposition hall, now known as G2A Arena.

G2A is an excellent resource for anybody who enjoys video games but cannot afford to purchase them at full price as often as they would want. Their extensive catalogue includes thousands of items across several platforms and locations, and their buyers are free to explore the seller offers for each game and choose the one that best appeals to them.

How To Buy Gift Cards On G2A?

The buying process on the G2A marketplace is simple and fast. To begin, we suggest looking around to discover how things work and what they offer. You may purchase a gift card code by following the G2A purchasing guide if you don’t already know how the buying procedure works.

Select a product and follow the system’s instructions when you buy anything. The transaction is the last step of the purchase process, and you will get confirmation notification when the transaction is complete. All that is left for them is to deliver your stuff.

How To Sell Gift Cards On G2A?

First, you need to create a new user account on G2A.com website. Then you need to fill out the KYC form. You may finish the verification process online, or if you want help, you can contact G2A to set up a phone conversation.

After that, you can add your products and their pricing. Choose the category of the item you wish to include on the list. Start selling and collecting funds.

G2A Fees for Gift Cards Sellers

The sales fee is 10.8% + €0.35 and is included in the final price. Participating in the Seller Supreme program may result in a considerable reduction in your commission. G2A charges a small fee for creating, modifying, and reposting offers.

G2A seems to be straightforward about their prices. If you decide to become a seller, the only charges you need to be concerned about are selling fees. G2A offers a variety of services, including G2A Plus, which gives consumers access to the website’s lowest pricing.

Kinguin vs G2A vs Buysellvouchers: Fee Comparing

To maximize income, Kinguin charges a fee to the seller for each completed transaction. It is common for third-party vendors to acquire game keys at low costs and then resell them to customers at a substantial markup. A vendor must pay a fee of 11% + €0.35 every time they sell a key. Any game key posted on the marketplace costs €0.35 to list and remains active for 60 days.

Additionally, Kinguin collects €5 from purchasers who bundle buyer protection insurance and a game key into their order.

The standard G2A charge applied to sales is 10.8% + €0.35, which is included in final costs. Participating in the Seller Supreme program may drastically cut this commission, and they also have minimal charges for making new and revised offers.

If we compare Kinguin and G2A fees with Buysellvouchers, then this platform fee politic is much more cost-effective. The new price for buyers is only 0.40%, while the commission for sellers is even less—0.30%.

Let’s create a simplified chart to give you an idea of how much you would roughly get by selling an Amazon gift card $100 on one of these platforms:

Kinguin, G2A, And Buysellvouchers: Are These Platforms Legit?

Yes, the sites Kinguin, G2A, and BuySellVouchers are all legit. These gift card trading platforms have worked for years to provide gamers worldwide with the most excellent quality keys, software, and other gaming-related items and services.

Although all the websites generally operate online, they all provide active customer support if you have questions or are stuck for whatever reason. There is no legal evidence that these sites are operating illegally. Anyway, if you have any suspicions about using these sites, you can look for more information on the Internet.

In such a scenario, you should examine their official website and the internet to determine whether fraud or cheating is occurring. According to the information gathered, all the platforms indicated above are reliable and reputable.

G2A vs Kinguin vs Buysellvouchers: Which Is Better?

Kinguin, G2A, and BuySellVouchers are all fantastic sites. They all aid customers find what they are looking for and offer a large selection in every category. With their support, purchasing game keys, video games, and other related things have become much more flexible.

There is no ‘Best’ among them, since they are appropriate for people with different needs. However, at the time, Kinguin and G2A may have a more extensive collection than BuySellVouchers, but the BuySellVouchers marketplace will be your best option if you want the lowest fees.


All the platforms are trustworthy and reputable. They all have a diverse set of categories and collections. These gift card marketplaces are simple to use and provide quick customer assistance. Each platform has its advantages and drawbacks comparing to others. The final decision is up to you! Which is better for selling gift cards? It will depend more on your priorities, if it will be commission then BuySellVouchers offers the best commissions. On the other hand, if you are interested in a variety of products, then G2A or Kinguin may be your choice.

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