Experience innovative catering services with tap trucks and play scavenger hunt through mobile apps.


Tap truck event catering could be taken into consideration if you are tired of the conventional wedding aesthetic and want something fresh for your occasion. Event Catering Florida tap trucks is a transportable beverage service that may be reserved for events including weddings, parties, and celebrations. This particular form of event catering alters the mood of your gathering. It is entirely distinct from every other bar service. You can order whatever beverage or drink you like. There isn’t a better way, in our opinion, to feed your guests at your upcoming outdoor gathering, wedding, tailgate, or business event.

We offer woodfire pizza catering for all occasions, from weddings to corporate events

Why tap truck catering is becoming a trend?

When people notice the tap truck, it becomes the topic of discussion since everyone wants to know its origin. The wedding couple favor using the truck to capture stunning shots as much as the guests do. Truck rentals are offered for special events. For a fair price, please. Since many guests desire to use this service for their festivities, the caterers take pleasure in chatting with guests and forming new relationships while at the party. One event at a time, as the caterers seek to introduce the world to their common passions. When renting the truck for a party, customers can choose from a variety of packages, which include non-alcoholic meals.

What innovation can be brought to this catering service?

Currently, the caterers are hoping to eventually add a modest fresh food menu in addition to their packages. Tap Truck was founded as a creative addition to the bar by the caterers’ enthusiasm for repairing old pick-up trucks and their commitment to finding the greatest local artisan beer and wine. It’s true that we convert old trucks into bars. The trucks are all equipped with beer coolers, cooling systems, drink containers, and tap systems. 

How do tap trucks work?

The vehicles have received adaptations to meet the additional weight and cooling requirements in addition to mechanical and aesthetic repairs. The majority of the tap trucks have six or more taps installed to the side for dispensing cider and beer products. You could go to the same pub the whole week and try various food trucks each day to enjoy a variety of options throughout the week. The tap truck has made it easier for people to maintain relationships with their loved ones and friends while enjoying sipping on some refreshing beverages. 

Why is virtual team building important?

Many people who work from home have a hard time communicating with coworkers, which causes them to feel overly weary because they do not have anyone else with whom to discuss their thoughts and ideas. The continual practice of getting team members together is known as virtual team building activities. It takes an organization’s management a long time to realize that deviating from the standard is crucial since the norm is dull for employees. It’s a terrific approach to encourage interaction and cooperation among staff members so they can stay inspired and fulfill the mission, vision, and goals of the business. The concept can be intimidating, particularly in the corporate setting, in which a team-building scavenger hunt could be a crucial component of larger employee participation and team-building strategy.

How scavenger hunt can be a tool for team building?

Although scavenger hunts are known to be enjoyable activities for friends and employees alike, preparing one can be challenging. By fostering a collaborative environment that is similar to an office environment, it will assist your team to forge stronger ties. When people begin the planning process for a corporate scavenger hunt, the formulation of the real challenges is frequently what throws them into a loop. The most intriguing aspect is that workers get together to participate in this imaginative and enjoyable activity as a team. Finding innovative challenges can be difficult, so it’s critical to generate ideas in a variety of ways. Because of this, it’s critical to establish a welcoming team atmosphere that remote employees can rely on. Utilize every one of your staff as you build up the hunt since they are your most valuable resource. A happier team, as we all know, retains its employees better! When your ideas begin to form, there is a simple way to execute them with the scavenger hunt app!

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