Foods That Helps In Reducing The Body Heat

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While the summer heat irritates a lot, it gets more unbearable when your body temperature rises, and the body produces a lot of heat. One of the easiest ways to reduce body heat is to eat or drink natural food items. We have decided to curate a list of food items that are proven to keep your body cool along with so many other benefits. It is very important to tackle the heat down as it can lead to dehydration. 

There are many other reasons that lead to higher body temperature, such as drinking too much tea or coffee, drinking alcoholic items like whisky, intense workouts in open heat, and wearing synthetic and tight clothing. One should better focus on the body heat and try to cool it down. We have prepared a list of food items that can be really helpful.

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Coconut Water

Consume a glass of coconut water daily during the summer. The vitamins and minerals present in coconut water, as well as the electrolytes, rehydrate the body in an instant. The best way to revitalize the body and make yourself lively again is during the summer.


Watermelon contains about 91.45% water. It also contains antioxidants that provide coolness to the body. Similarly, melons are also effective in keeping the body hydrated.


Cooling and soothing yoghurt is such a dynamic, all-time favourite food that is used in many ways to keep the body cool. Yoghurt has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties and is used in smoothies, lassi and raita. Hence, it is a lip-smacking ingredient that acts as a coolant for the body.


Bananas are a good source of instant energy and one of the gate foods to cool down the body. This leads to tissue shrinkage and allows water absorption into the body, cooling the core.


Avocado contains mono-saturated fatty acids, which help remove toxins and excess heat from the blood. In addition, it is easy to digest as it prevents the body from generating access heat for digestion.


This age-old fruit is one of the body-cooling foods that Ayurveda also recommends. It contains high fibre, which keeps constipation away. The high levels of water present in cucumber help in keeping the heat away from the body.


Buttermilk is also a magical food that can protect the sick body from heat. It helps in cooling down the stomach and gives you relief from digestive troubles. Yoghurt also acts as a probiotic and electrolyte to hydrate you. Having a glass of buttermilk after a meal is the best way to keep yourself cool during the scorching summer months.

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables like bottle gourd, tuna and okra are easily digested, and they also have high water content. Including green leafy vegetables in your diet is beneficial as they have high water content. However, too much cooking loses its water content.


Fenugreek seeds have been used in India for centuries to cool the body during periods of digestive ailments. Drinking fresh fenugreek tea will help reduce body heat. Alternatively, soak the seeds in water for some time and then eat the seeds.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, help break down fatty foods, aiding in digestion. It contains antioxidants that provide coolness to the body. Lemons, oranges, and seasonals are excellent sources of vitamin C, which are ideal for curing internal and external heat.

Lemon Drink

Shikanji or lime soda works as the best body cooler drink. Drinking a glass of lemon water mixed with a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of sugar or honey, and cumin powder help to stay fresh throughout the day. It keeps you hydrated as well as helps in regulating the body temperature.


Sattu is a traditional and one of the best cooling food items in India. You can make a drink by mixing two tablespoons of Sattu, a glass of cold water, a few pinches of rock salt, the juice of half a lemon and cumin powder. You can also eat it with jaggery, sugar or honey.

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