How to get best Restaurants and Hotel in Stratford upon Avon?

Restaurants and Hotel

How to choose good restaurants in Stratford-upon-Avon?

Eating out is a social way to connect with the friends and family. Whether we’re getting together with family, dating, meeting new people, or catching up with old friends, dining out at the restaurants is an excellent way to spend time together. Therefore, choosing the right restaurants is essential if you want to have a delicious meal and make precious memories. The following factors can help you make the right decision while choosing a restaurant in Stratford-upon-Avon.


Choose a restaurant close to your home and easy to go to. Next, consider the distance from the bus stop, taxis and parking expenses, and choose the right place for you. But, of course, it is different when the restaurant is located on the river bank or in a large park. When that happens, you can only choose according to your preference.


Most restaurants are beautifully decorated, but does the decor match your preferred style? Is the restaurant suitable for a dinner party? If you like to hang out and chat with your friend comfortably during dinner, choosing a restaurant with loud music will not help you.

Food menu

The restaurant menu is also essential. Most people choose the restaurant based on the taste and cuisine they want to try. Therefore, you must select a restaurant with fresh, complete food and good taste. When trying a new place for the first time, you should know what kind of menus is available first. If you are going with a group of people, consider somewhere where you can get public lists that all people will enjoy.


Hygiene standards are essential in choosing an ideal place to eat. The kitchen where food is prepared and the entire dining area must be clean. Food critics suggest checking out the bathroom first if you want to know how clean the restaurant is. However, most restaurants that have kept their restrooms clean will likely prepare their food in a clean area. So, remember to go to the bathroom first before you start ordering.


If you eat somewhere, that does not even know what good service means, you will not be happy, and it is not worth paying for it. To avoid this, you should choose a restaurant where you can get excellent service from friendly servers and enjoy a great dining experience.


This indicator can be considered one of the essential criteria in choosing a restaurant. First, you should check your budget and find a suitable budget to eat in. You must select the right option that gives you value for your money. The right place, good taste, excellent service, and lovely decor will make you happy to pay. But you will not be satisfied with what you get when it comes to some fancy restaurants that cannot provide better-tasting meals and good service.

It’s only natural that we always look for food in the most popular places whenever we travel to a new home. So with favorites like Lambs, Loxleys Restaurant & Wine Bar, The Opposition, and more, get ready to sample the best flavors around Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Stratford-upon-Avon Hotel Guide

  1. Jordan Hotel

The Arden Hotel is the place to stay for an experience that delights the senses. First, savor a taste of perfection at the award-winning double AA-Rosette, arguably the best hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. Then feel pampered entirely, as if you are in a private sanctuary, with highly comfortable bedrooms designed for their guests’ comfort. Finally, witness the theatrical genius at RSC with the hotel’s overnight stay package, which includes two theater tickets and dinner.

  1. Hotel du Vin

The French are also known for their sophistication and great food, and Hotel du Vin serves both, bringing a little bit of French culture to a British city. With only 46 bedrooms, the hotel is an intimate space with a decadent and modern-like interior. All rooms are uniquely decorated; some have a balcony and separate seating area. Private dining with a personalized menu, afternoon tea with a twist, pre-dinner drinks in the Mediterranean-style courtyard, or a relaxing meal in the French restaurant are some ways guests can spend their time here.

  1. The Crowne Plaza

Traveling for business or with children sometimes means that comfort takes precedence over luxury. But this is not the case at the Crowne Plaza. There are more than 250 rooms, including executive rooms with exclusive access to the hotel’s club lounge and suites that include an additional lounge and dining space. The Riverside Restaurant, Bar, and Terrace has an extensive menu, the latter being the Bancroft docking site. The Leisure Club has a pool, sauna, and gym — there are also more than 14 meeting rooms for one to do their next big deal.

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