Vintage Glasses: A Trend That Never Gets Old!

Vintage Glasses

Vintage fashion may be associated with old stuff but it never seems to get old. The craze around vintage fashion has always been there, but in present times, we can see that it has peaked.

Whether it is clothing or accessories, you will always find multiple options of vintage style. When it comes to eyewear, you can spot retro eyewear all over the streets.

Vintage Glasses: What is Trending?

To make the most out of vintage glasses, you need to watch out for the trending styles. And to know where to buy them from, my below-mentioned experience might be of help to you.

I am a big fan of vintage fashion, and recently, while looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses over the internet, I came across the collection of Specscart. Their collection was superb. What amazed me even more was their pocket-friendly prices. I got a pair in retro round style at half the high street prices. And that too, with polarised lenses. I would recommend you visit their website and see Specscart’s range for yourself.

So here goes the list of trending vintage glasses styles that are perfect contenders for your wardrobe. Read on!

Retro round with timeless metal frames

Round glasses are such a popular vintage style that they are considered synonymous to retro glasses. From John Lennon to Harry Potter, to Steve Jobs, these styles have been popularised by public figures from different fields.

Just to put things into perspective as to why the retro tag comes naturally to round glasses – it is the fact that they have been around since the time glasses originated. Although the traditional round shape has undergone various modifications since introduction, their retro appeal remains the same.

Well, metal frames are a solid pick if you are looking for vintage glasses, but when combined with round styles, it is no less than a match made in heaven. Round metal frame glasses display a polished elegance by keeping things absolutely simple.

From the traditional full-rim metal frames to the offbeat pairs in half-rim style, to the thin wireframes, your options are multiple. Go ahead and pick the one that suits your definition of style.

Although round metal frames go well on all occasions, they are a masterclass when it comes to an occasion that lies towards the formal end. Regarding your outfit choice, from baggy jeans with solid tees for a casual occasion to your professional workplace attire, round glasses hold the ability to elevate all outfits.

Tortoiseshell browline frames

Introduced into the fashion scene in the late 1940s, it didn’t take much time for browline frames to gain spotlight. Ever since they peaked in popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, they have become a staple style. Going by the latest trends, and with a growing inclination of fashion towards retro-aligned styles, browline is witnessing an upsurge in demand.

The structure of browline frames is a little offbeat as the top portion that is generally made of materials such as acetate and plastic is relatively thicker than the bottom part that utilises a metal wireframe material. This sets the focus on the wearer’s brow area, which is very effective in accentuating their facial features.

When combined with the contrasting tortoiseshell patterns, browlines enter a league of their own. Apart from a vintage classic outlook, you are also assured of a striking contrast with balance.

Today, tortoiseshell patterns have multiple variants but the ones that truly resemble a retro vibe are those that utilise shades of colours like brown and amber. So keep this in mind when you go to select your tortoiseshell browline frames. Pair them with vintage-styled headscarf or flared denim, and you are set to rock with your style statement.

Oversized square frames

The ‘70s was an era where funky fashion was at its prime. And that’s when oversized frames were ruling over the eyewear fashion space. It was no less than a wardrobe staple for fashion enthusiasts back then.

Cut to present times, the craze around funky fashion is still massive. For that nostalgic touch of the ‘70s, oversized frames are a perfect contender for your wardrobes.

To keep yourself fine-tuned with the trending styles, oversized square frames are what you should opt for. Look out for the ones in chunky acetate frames with pastel shades. They are an absolute beauty!

While selecting a pair of oversized glasses, a general rule that you need to follow is to opt for frames that lie above your cheekbones and don’t cover your eyebrows.

Vintage style is here to stay!

The vintage glasses styles mentioned above are not going off the trending charts anytime soon. So you can definitely go ahead and add them to your wardrobes.

There is no doubt that there are outstanding contemporary styles too that are trending. But then glasses are one of the most intimate fashion accessories and if you can have a collection of sneakers, why not have a collection of glasses too? And in your collection, a vintage style must find a place.

Well, if you think maintaining a collection of glasses is an expensive thing, you need to check out Specscart’s pocket-friendly range. A frame for every game – the tagline of this Manchester-based eyewear brand depicts exactly that you should have frames for all moods and occasions. And they stay true to it by offering high quality pairs at affordable prices.

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