The 10 Benefits of Kunzea Oil for Your Skin

Kunzea oil is derived from Kunzea ericoides, a plant native to Australia. In that country, it’s used traditionally as a topical agent to promote the healing of wounds and assist with the treatment of burns, cuts, and abrasions. In addition to its wound-healing benefits, some studies have suggested that Kunzea oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. This article will answer all your questions about kunzea products from Zea and their effects on the skin.

Helps with Allergies

Allergy season is in full swing, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. As sufferers already know, the constant sneezing, wheezing, and eye irritation are enough to make anyone lose their patience! What’s worse is that allergies also cause flare-ups of eczema and psoriasis.

Acute allergic reactions can lead to asthma attacks or anaphylactic shock (this is when people experience difficulty breathing) which can result in death. However, there are many things you can do to ease your symptoms naturally without resorting to over-the-counter medications such as antihistamines that make you drowsy or decongestants that have unpleasant side effects. One fantastic solution: Kunzea oil!

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Kunzea oil is a powerhouse with anti-inflammatory properties, which are what make it an excellent treatment option for red, itchy, and irritated skin. Anecdotal evidence suggests that kunzea oil also effectively alleviates eczema symptoms such as itching and redness.

Because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, this soothing essential oil can significantly diminish signs of inflammation on the skin like itchiness and puffiness. Kunzea oil also aids in reducing irritation caused by allergic reactions or chemical sensitivities. It’s an especially helpful topical treatment for those experiencing hay fever due to the release of pollen in the air.

Analgesic Benefits

A warming, numbing sensation typically signifies the oil’s natural analgesic properties coming into effect. Acetylsalicylic acid and acetylcholine are two naturally occurring substances that are found in kunzea oil and are known to cause this reaction. And since kunzea oil is effective against inflammatory skin disorders, the heating sensation can have a soothing effect on many other skin conditions as well.

A numbing sensation indicates that it’s time to use kunzea oil. Acetylsalicylic acid has been found in the plant, as well as acetylcholine, both of which induce a warming or cooling sensation respectively due to their chemical composition.

Deep Moisturization

When it comes to moisturizing your skin, nothing compares to natural products like kunzea oil. The benefits of using this product include providing deep moisturization while soothing and healing the skin. It can be used on the entire body, or as a deep treatment when specifically targeted to dry areas.

Not only is it rich in nutrients, but is also naturally pH-balanced and free from fragrances or harsh chemicals. If you want to nourish your skin with organic oil that leaves it feeling rejuvenated and hydrated, then kunzea oil is the answer!

Acne Treatment

Kunzea oil is an effective treatment for acne that doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals. This means that it is safe to use on your skin, even if you have sensitive skin. It also has antibacterial properties that make it good for blemishes and can help to dry up pimples in a natural way.

The best thing about using this oil to fight acne is the fact that you can take control of your acne without needing a prescription from a doctor. What’s more, using this oil is much cheaper than buying expensive medications!

Anti-Aging Effects

Kunzea oil has many anti-aging benefits. The phytosterols in the oil work to soothe dry skin, and it’s packed with antioxidants that are known to fight wrinkles. Studies have shown that the fatty acids in kunzea oil improve skin elasticity, which helps reduce the appearance of aging lines and wrinkles. Additionally, kunzea oil is a natural remedy for acne-prone skin thanks to its natural antimicrobial properties.

Soothes Minor Cuts, Burns, and Rashes

Kunzea oil is sourced from the Australian native plant and has several skin benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation, redness, and itchiness. It can be used to soothe minor cuts, burns, or rashes. Additionally, research has shown that kunzea oil might also have acne-fighting benefits. This natural remedy doesn’t contain any chemicals that can lead to an allergic reaction like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid do!

Protects the Immune System from Environmental Damage

Kunzea oil is not just a beauty product, it’s an immune system protector. We were reminded again this week, with the news of the open letter by 150 scientists from 38 countries in Europe, Asia, and America calling for a halt to the use and release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) linked to diseases and worldwide environmental damage. The environmental crisis resulting from GMOs is frightening.

Pollution in the air, water, and soil has increased dramatically. Biodiversity has shrunk as weeds dominate our farmland. More than 60% of the world’s fisheries are no longer viable because overfishing has pushed stocks too low or due to biological changes caused by introduced species. And soils in agricultural fields that once helped to filter toxins now act as reservoirs spreading poison into food chains.

Used in Traditional Medicine to Treat Other Infections

Kunzea Oil is derived from a flowering plant native to Australia. It has been used traditionally in Aboriginal medicine to treat minor cuts, burns, rashes, herpes lesions, and other infections. These days it’s widely used as an alternative topical treatment with the potential benefits coming from its antibacterial properties and healing properties.

The antibacterial property of the oil makes it great for wounds that are more prone to infection (cuts, scrapes). Studies have shown that the antiseptic qualities come largely from three components, ursolic acid, acteoside, and kunzeanine- and these natural components can be found in most essential oils including clove oil.


Products from Zea with Kunzea oil are great for soothing and moisturizing skin. In many cases, it has been seen to clear up acne scars as well. The research suggests that Kunzea oil may also reduce inflammation and free radicals, which can help with aging skin. The oil also has antibacterial properties, so it may also help fight off future breakouts. In addition to its various skincare benefits, the fragrance of this essential oil is also very pleasant and may help fight negative moods too!

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