Latest Trends in Drip Marketing


The fundamental driver of change and development in marketing strategies is an aggressive rivalry. It’s the same with drip marketing. There have been several revisions, and now it ranks among the most powerful advertising channels. You need to stay abreast of the latest email trends and technological developments to ensure that your efforts continue to bear fruit.

To help you refine your strategy and boost conversion rates, we’ve compiled the latest and greatest developments in drip marketing.

1. Increased Safety for Electronic Correspondence

As the frequency of cyberattacks rises, so too will the sensitivity of spam filters to potentially harmful content. To ascertain whether or not recipients want to keep receiving your emails, they will begin using robust machine learning algorithms.

In addition to tracking opens and clickthroughs, a spam filter may also monitor how long recipients spend reading an email. Incorrect email addresses, spam traps, and purchased email IDs will also be tallied.

That’s why you should use a reputable drip marketing software that safeguards your emails and keeps you out of the spam folder.

2. Gamification and interactive features

Providers of drip marketing software will be ecstatic to provide users with an app-like experience via the use of interactive emails. You’ll be able to book flights, RSVP to events, and do your online shopping with the help of these emails. No longer will subscribers have to go through the trouble of visiting a separate website or landing page, which will increase their engagement and conversion rate.

By enhancing the whole shopping experience, gamification has the potential to boost customer loyalty to a business. Building trust with your readership via the medium of email is essential. Make sure your interactive emails provide real value to the subscriber while yet being new when you put on your thinking caps.

3. AI’s Impact

Emails and newsletters will be written by AI in the near future (AI). The software will craft attention-grabbing headlines, offer engaging email subject lines, and recommend engaging email layouts. The newsletter’s title and summary may also be generated automatically from an RSS feed.

You have the option of instructing the computer to use a certain vocal tone and word count in its output. Intuitive service providers (ESPs) will use operational data to teach the AI what works. Soon, it will be as ordinary as a spellchecker or grammar checker.

4. Attribution by many methods

Companies will think about multi-touch attribution so that they can see how various customer interactions generate income. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that your display ad is the first point of contact for one of your potential customers. An advertisement is then shown to them on a social media platform that has paid for the placement.

Following that, they will be included in a drip marketing strategy. This visit will help you find out which of your marketing efforts is producing the best results so you can put your time and energy into it.

Most marketers will employ in-house MTA because of privacy concerns. The vast majority of SaaS startups and businesses will eventually move their operations to bare metal, a private cloud, or a cloud hosting service of their own choosing.

5. Email layouts

It takes 53% of businesses several weeks to generate just one email. In order to save time and effort in 2022, marketers will begin using email design tools to create email templates. With the help of an email design system, you can easily create branded emails that always look and feel the same.

You’ll have more time for email strategy, personalization, A/B testing, and idea research as production times decrease. Ultimately, if you follow this trend in email marketing, you’ll be able to send out messages that stand out in terms of open and clickthrough rates.

6. Massive font size

Emails didn’t often have elaborate fonts until recently. There will be several changes in the visual vocabulary of emails in 2022 and beyond. Email designers often employ a big font to grab the reader’s attention.

Although images are essential, don’t discount the growing popularity of typographic email designs if you want to leave a lasting impact on your subscribers.

7. Analytics and Reports

Predictive analytics is one emerging practice in electronic mail advertising. Because it assists in identifying patterns that lead to increased sales, with the use of zero and first-party data, businesses will be able to create in-depth profiles of their customers that take into account their purchases, account preferences, and historical behaviors.

Which subscribers are most inclined to take action in light of these findings? Methods of predictive analytics will provide this information.

The churn rate may also be determined. You may use this data to develop targeted advertising, user journeys, and more. As a consequence, it will be easier to create a powerful email campaign that emphasizes customization and precision.

8. Mobile User Interaction

Even though we have optimized for mobile for some time, it bears repeating that mobile devices are on the rise. We are becoming a mobile-first culture when it comes to content consumption.

Therefore, it is crucial to be up-to-date on the latest developments in mobile technology. For example, the colors may be dimmed in “dark mode,” making them more comfortable to the human eye in low-light settings.

Emails need to be readable on both dark and bright backgrounds without obscuring important elements like the company logo. Another consideration is the size and style of the font. What was legible on paper may not be so on your tablet or smartphone.


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