A Detailed Guide To Construction Site Lighting

Construction Site Lighting

You must consider several factors when planning the lighting in your warehouse or construction site. The task may seem rather daunting, but it doesn’t have to be difficult if you make the right moves and choices. From choosing the right light source to deciding on the best light distribution type, you must make well-considered decisions.

When it comes to warehouse lighting, there are many options available. Some prefer HID or high-intensity discharge lamps, while others look at fluorescent lights as an option. LED is yet another choice you can make while deciding on the best lighting solution for your construction site or warehouse lighting.

What Are Your Options

While HID and fluorescent lighting are known for their lighting capabilities, they are not environment-friendly and have a series of other drawbacks. On the other hand, LED is the most versatile of the three and is also highly energy-efficient. They can be purchased as new fixtures for construction sites or as retrofits for existing lighting systems. As they last for long life hours, you need not use the ladder and lifts frequently to replace bulbs. There are no constant on-off cycles to deal with.

Temporary lighting systems using LED fixtures consume less power, thus reducing your energy costs month after month. Buying light fixtures that are bright enough but minus the glare can help boost productivity and mitigate the instances of workplace mishaps and accidents.

The temperature and color of LED lights are important aspects to consider while buying temporary light fixtures. For a construction site, ordinary lights with temperatures ranging from 4000K to 5000K can be the best choice as they can illuminate large areas adequately and allow workers to carry on their tasks efficiently. Cool white is proven to help reduce eyestrain and create a productive work environment.

Check Your Site Layout Before Purchasing

You must choose the best light distribution system depending on the layout of your site. A very long and narrow light pattern will not be helpful for construction areas as it often has a more open floor plan. A V-type light distribution system will be more appropriate. It emits light in a widespread area with an equal distribution pattern.

The spacing of your light fixtures on a construction site is critical. If they are positioned too close together, they may create spots where the glare from one fixture overlaps with the other, creating undesirable hotspots. When positioned too far apart, there will be less uniformity and even dark areas. That’s why you must map out clearly where your fixtures need to be before buying and installing streamer lights. Consulting a lighting professional is highly recommended if you are not sure how to go about it.

Choose The Best

Choosing the right brand is also a vital step in buying and installing a temporary lighting system for your construction site. Not all lighting products and brands are equal. You must research the market to know which will work best for your needs. Shop with Duraline if you want the best lighting systems at affordable prices with the added advantage of quality, durability, and solid performance for many years.

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