One dead as boat capsizes on Colorado River in Grand Canyon National Park

The incident occurred in an area of ​​a river called Bedrock Rapid in Grand Canyon National Park, NPS said. Tweet on Saturday.
“At 2:12 pm today, we received a report of a motorboat capsizing at Bedrock Rapid on the Colorado River. One fatality confirmed. SAR [search and rescue] Treatment and transport of injured patients is underway. Incident is ongoing. We have no further information,” the Grand Canyon National Park Service said.

A spokesperson later told CNN in an email that four people were injured in addition to the fatalities.

Rafting company Western River Expeditions website A large boulder is said to divide the flow of the Colorado River at Bedrock Rapid.

“The best course is on the right, which requires skillful and precise handling to get the boat around rocks and into calm waters. It’s a merciless place to play,” it said. .


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