Colorado police officer dies while responding to disturbance

Dillon Michael Vakov, 27, was “killed to serve the community,” according to Albada police.

Mr Strait told a press conference that Mr Vakov and another police officer had responded to the scene of a “massive family disturbance” and that they had “arrived at the scene in chaos with several people on the street”. rice field.

“When the suspect opened fire and began shooting the female victim, the first two officers attempted to separate several individuals who were belligerent and uncooperative,” Straight said. A shooting ensued between the suspect and the police, and both Vakov and the suspect were shot.

Another police officer at the scene tried to help Vakov, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Vakov was taken to hospital, but he later died.

The suspect was taken to a hospital and remains in police custody, where he is expected to survive.

The victim was also transported to the hospital and is said to have survived. Her involvement in the incident is unknown at this time, he said.

“This is an ongoing and active investigation and the information we have at this time is preliminary,” Strate said. , I wanted to provide you with details of the incident and job description this morning.

Strate said Vakoff had been with the department since 2019 and was a former staff sergeant in the U.S. Air Force.

He said, “An example of all that is good about a police officer. He trained to be a SWAT officer and would undoubtedly continue to make a positive impact on his community.”

“This is a tragic loss for this community, this department, but most importantly his family and loved ones.”His service and sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Albada, Colorado is about 10 miles northwest of Denver.


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