Things to Do Before Launching a Website


Are you planning to launch your website? Having a website can help brands or businesses develop a solid online presence and establish a trust to attract new consumers. The process of creating and launching a website is thrilling. When you launch online, you should take all reasonable steps to ensure that it is flawless and serves the purpose your audience is looking for. 

When it comes to website design, mistakes occur, projects are left undone, and technology falls short of our expectations. Consulting a leading SEO Company in Mississauga can help you launch a website smoothly.

  1. Here are a few things to consider before launching a website.
  1. 1. SSL Certificate

SSL (Safe Sockets Layer) certificates verify the legitimacy of your website and let you use HTTPS for secure data transit. Implementing an SSL certificate is essential for eCommerce sites because it protects your website, and you can generate an SSL certificate for free. Your website can be marked as “not secure” if you don’t verify that your SSL is operational.

  1. 2. Website Speed

Run a speed test to identify the issues slowing your site down, and then incorporate the results into your upgrades. A slow website speed can work as a disaster for your online business venture because users will abandon it in no time. You do not want your audience to leave you and join your competitors’ web traffic.

  1. 3. Responsiveness

Most people use the internet through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, making your website responsive for all devices is necessary. When you create a website for a mobile device or tablet, you must consider the significantly smaller screen size and less precise touch interface when designing elements like menus, icons, and paragraph structure. Consulting an expert for website design in Brampton can help you design a responsive website.

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  1. 4. SEO Strategy

A solid SEO strategy ensures success in the competitive digital space. Verify that you have the correct URL for each page and blog. Ensure to put up a 301 redirect from your old webpage leading to the new ones if you are redesigning an old website. Each page or post should have a meta description and the target keywords. You should verify that headers and sub-headers are present on every page and post (H1 and H2 tags). You must not forget to include internal links in your website.

  1. 5. Social Media Integration

It would be a shame to underestimate the power of social media. While launching your website, you must have social media integration. It will be easier for your initial audience to find your content. This will boost high-quality links from other websites. Moreover, Google uses links as a ranking component. Check to see sure your social share icons are accessible and operational.

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  1. Conclusion

We have barely scratched the surface. You should dig deeper for a successful website launch. A new website’s launch is not an easy task to accomplish because it requires arduous, committed work. You must create pre- and post-launch checklists to speed up the procedure and accomplish desired results. Going through different website launch ideas and optimization techniques can help you win the game in the bottleneck competition.
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