Ted Cruz clarifies basic things about Donald Trump and 2024

Cruz was one of Trump’s most outspoken critics during the 2016 presidential election. He called Trump “giggling coward“a”pathological liar‘, ‘totally immoral,’ he also pointed out refused to support Trump at the Republican National Convention that year.

Trump was not irresponsible (don’t be surprised). He suggested that Cruise’s wife was unattractive, that Cruise was hiding behind religion, and that Cruise’s father may have been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It all happened.)

The two Republicans eventually made up, mostly because Cruz wanted to run for president again someday, and he knew he couldn’t if he was the former president’s nemesis.

Well, someday now — as evidenced by Cruz’s trip to New Hampshire this week to run House candidate Caroline Leavitt, who is running for the Republican primary in the state’s First District.

While visiting early presidential primary states, Cruz was surprisingly honest about both his ambitions and the wider state of the Republican race in 2024.

“Many candidates are feeling their oats and boasting, ‘I will run no matter what. I don’t care what Donald Trump says.'”Anyone who says that is lying,” Cruz said. Washington Examiner“It’s a silly statement for anyone who’s actually thinking about running.”

And he added:

“No one knows what Trump is going to decide. Anyone who says so is a hoax. What Donald Trump decides will change the whole world. All possibilities apply. Candidates.”

That’s 100% correct.

Including Cruz’s campaign for Senator Rick Scott in New Hampshire and Florida stumble in iowa This weekend is a pre-show of sorts before Trump makes up his mind.
It’s interesting and worth picking up.But if Trump runs for office, there will be every symptom He will – then it won’t be a problem.
While there is a pocket of Anti-Trumpism Within the Republican Party, the 2022 midterm primary season largely confirmed that the former president still has a firm grip on the party.

This does not mean that no one will oppose him if he launches a campaign. I could see them competing. (Needless to say, if Trump shocked the world and decided not to run for re-election, all these people would surely be mixed.)

But the truth Cruz has revealed is that Trump continues to lead the Republican presidential campaign. All roads lead to him and his final go/no-go decision. And the race doesn’t really start for other Republicans until he succeeds.

point: The timing of Trump’s announcements has shifted here and there in recent months, but these days he seems content to wait. Until the end of the midterm exam to make up his mind. Until he does, the Republican field is frozen.

Source: www.cnn.com

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