How to Restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager for Multi-User Access 

The QuickBooks Database Server Manager enables users to configure QuickBooks for multi-user access. However, there is often a need to restart it due to various errors in QuickBooks. You can access this utility when you download QuickBooks Tool Hub. In it, you can find the server manager in the ‘Network Issues’ tab. 

The Database Server Manager makes and or network database files for every company file present on the host system. Many QuickBooks users aren’t familiar with the process of restarting it. It makes them keep facing certain problems on QuickBooks. In this article, you’ll find the correct process to restart the Database Server Manager. 

How to Restart the QuickBooks Server Manager

You must restart the Database Server Manager on the computer that’s hosting the company files. It will also get started automatically if you install the program on the server system. In this case, the server manager will open when you launch QuickBooks. Here are the three scenarios to restart it.

If the entire QuickBooks Desktop is installed on the server

If the full QB program is there on the server, you first need to open QuickBooks. Open it on the server computer. 

  • In the ‘File’ menu, pick the ‘Restore Company’ option.
  • Now, choose ‘Open a Company File.’
  • Tap ‘Next’ and choose your company file.
  • Now, choose to open the file in multi-user mode. For doing so, select its checkbox.
  • Tap ‘Open’ and sign into the company file.
  • Use your regular name and password for logging in.
  • You can now close the company file by going to the ‘File’ section.

If the QuickBooks Data Manager is installed on the server computer

The process to restart QB Database Server Manager differs when only the data manager is there on the server computer. Go by these directions in this case.

  • Tap the ‘Start’ button on your Windows system. 
  • Use it to get to the ‘Control Panel’ area.
  • Click ‘Administrative Tools’ twice.
  • Now, double-tap ‘Services.’
  • You will find different database manager options for different versions of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • These versions will start from QuickBooks Desktop 2014 and end at QuickBooks Desktop 2017.
  • Right-tap on the suitable one.
  • Finally, hit the ‘Restart’ button.
  • This will start the service again.

What to Do When QuickBooks Database Server Does Not Start?

The QB Database Manager won’t start if it is unable to link to your company file. Here are two techniques to follow for this problem. 

Uninstall QB Desktop

You can perform QB Desktop uninstallation if you are attempting to update or install QuickBooks. Here is how to do that.

  • Launch the ‘Control Panel’ on your system. 
  • Here, choose the ‘Programs and Features’ and then choose Uninstall a Program option.
  • From the various programs, select ‘QuickBooks Desktop.’
  • Tap ‘Uninstall/Change.’
  • Again click on the Uninstall to confirm.
  • Now pursue with all the instructions displayed on your screen. 

Change the name of the installation folders.

If you’ve got other Intuit apps on your system, you can rename the QB version folder present in ‘C:\Programs Data\Intuit.’ Head to the installation folders and follow these steps. 

  • Open the ‘Run’ dialog box. 
  • Input the folder’s location and tap ‘Enter.’
  • Right-tap the specific folder and select the ‘Rename’ option. 
  • Change the name of this folder to .old.

Carry out QuickBooks Desktop installation.

After performing the above two procedures, you are ready to install QuickBooks Downloads. Download it from the official site and install it as follows.

  • Launch the downloaded QuickBooks.exe file. 
  • Abide by the guidelines you see on your screen. 
  • Input the license and product numbers when prompted and choose ‘Next.’
  • Decide on the sort of installation you want. 
  • Tap ‘Next.’
  • Choose the option that explains how you utilize QuickBooks. 
  • Now, choose ‘Change the install location’ option. 
  • Tap ‘Browse’ to choose the location where you will place your QB folder. 
  • Tap ‘Next’ to begin the installation. 
  • Once it completes, tap ‘Open QuickBooks.’
  • Now activate it. 

Final Thoughts 

Now you are familiar with how to restart QB Database Server Manager. Restart it as per the scenario that applies to you. You can also the Tool Hub, if you face any issue while QuickBooks Downloads and Installation. Connect with a ProAdvisors if you require additional help with using any other program component.

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