Who should get the latest coronavirus vaccine booster now and who should wait?


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention this month said Giving the green light to deploy the latest Covid-19 vaccine booster, subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval. These shots replace boosters previously offered in the United States, and for people over the age of 12, getting the vaccine “up to date” means having a new jab.

Will the Covid-19 vaccine become a yearly shot, like the flu vaccine? He told reporters that the booster is likely to be. “The more mundane part of our lives”

Many people are asking specific questions about whether to get it now or wait. Who should rush to get a booster and who can probably wait a little longer? Is there an advantage in delaying vaccinations in time for the winter holidays? Should I worry about missing

To answer these questions, we spoke with CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen. Dr. Leana Wen is an emergency physician and George She is Professor of Health Policy and Management at the University of Washington Milken Institute School of Public Health. is also the author of “Lifeline: A Physician’s Journey in the Battle for Public Health.

CNN: What’s the main takeaway about the updated boosters?

Dr. Liana Wen: One of the main points is that the booster Renewal of prescription Target both the original strain and the Omicron subvariant. This is not uncommon. This is what happens every year to flu vaccines, with manufacturers anticipating the likely strains in circulation and targeting vaccines accordingly.

Another important point for me is that the CDC is going to stop counting vaccinations. Instead, people over the age of 12 are considered up to date with their coronavirus vaccine if they have received the original primary series (her two doses of Pfizer). , 2 doses of Moderna or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson, plus this brand new booster. This simplifies things a lot.

CNN: Do you think the new coronavirus vaccine will be given every year like the flu vaccine?

Wen: Since the Covid-19 vaccine was first approved, me and other public health experts have said this would be a possibilityI wasn’t sure if the COVID-19 vaccine would end with a series of 2, 3, or 4 doses, or if it would have to be given on a regular basis. For example, the hepatitis vaccine is her 3-dose vaccine against the tetanus vaccine, which requires regular boosters. And of course, flu vaccines are updated every year.

The new coronavirus vaccine appears to be similar to the flu vaccine. There are also newer strains that can weaken immunity after a while and benefit from more targeted vaccines.Federal health officials signaled further May transition to an annual rhythm.

Americans are already accustomed to getting flu shots every year, so I think this kind of frequency is helpful. In particular, if a Covid-19 booster could be timed alongside a flu shot, it could help improve vaccine uptake for both shots.

CNN: Friends and colleagues all have some version of this question: Should they get new boosters now? Who should rush to get boosters as soon as they become available? do you think?

Wen: According to the CDC, We recommend all users over the age of 12 to get the updated booster, as long as at least 2 months have passed since the last vaccination. But that doesn’t mean the urgency is the same for everyone.

I think getting the latest booster is the most urgent need for those who have not been vaccinated or infected with Covid-19 in 2022. It applies.about 30% over 65 years old I don’t have a booster. These individuals should get their latest booster now.

Until this latest CDC announcement, only individuals over the age of 50 and those with compromised immune systems were able to get two boosters. That her second booster uptake is also low, Only about 40% uptake So far, among individuals over the age of 50. This means that there are a significant number of adults who may have had their last injection in the previous calendar year. I advise these individuals not to wait.

If someone has not been vaccinated, they will need to get the primary series vaccine first. or a dose of Johnson & Johnson). You must complete the primary series before receiving updated boosters.

CNN: Who do you think can wait a minute to get their updated booster?

Wen: Those who have recently recovered from Covid-19 can wait to get their updated booster. According to CDC guidelines, these individuals are could wait 3 months after infectionI think this is good advice. You are less likely to be reinfected soon after recovery, and there may also be benefits in giving the body time to build antibodies from infection.

CDC also says you’re eligible for a new booster if at least two months have passed since your last vaccination. I think most people don’t need to rush to get boosters exactly at the 2 month mark. Some may decide to wait three or four months so that it will be a little later in the fall. That way, you’ll have better protection while on vacation.

CNN: As you said, we’re hearing from people who want to time their boosters with the winter break. Does it make sense to you?

Wen: I can understand why they want to do this. Vaccination against Covid-19 has been found to be most effective against infection a few weeks after vaccination. diminishes somewhat with

However, it is difficult to predict the best timing for shots, as we do not know what will happen this fall and winter.Covid-19 cases are currently high in many parts of the country. For some people, especially those prone to serious illnesses, it makes sense to get optimal protection now. Some may wait until a few weeks before to get their boosters.

In general, go back to the time of the last vaccine or infection. If you haven’t been vaccinated in 2022 and haven’t had a recent infection, we recommend getting a booster sooner or later. You can wait a month or so to be more effective against infections that go on vacation.

CNN: Should parents of children under 12 worry that they are not yet eligible for Update Booster?

Wen: No, I don’t think the argument for boosting children is as clear as it is for adults.The vast majority of children are infected with Covid-19. Recovery from infection and vaccination provide a very high level of protection against serious illness. Parents of younger children will have no problem waiting until the latest boosters for this age group are available.

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