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Noblesville, Indiana (Wish) — Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Honoring Corporal Humberto Sanchez, who was killed in the 2021 bombing at Kabul Airport, Afghanistan.

Marine Corps member Kevin Rankel said the event will raise $100,000 in scholarships for the children of Marines.

Rankel told News 8 that he contacted the Sanchez family because they had a similar story.

“In 2011, the first year this initiative was launched, the winner was my son. He was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2010. It’s been a great experience for us,” explained Rankel.

Another Marine, Tyler Mensch, said that since 2007 he has helped organize events honoring Marines who died in action.

“For the past 15 years, it has been heartwarming and inspiring to see how people come together to wear this item. , is to offer this opportunity,” Mensch said.

A native of Logansport, Sanchez was the first in his family to be born in the United States and served in the United States Armed Forces.

Rankel said 72 different teams will honor Sanchez at Noblesville’s Pebble Brook Golf Club.

Event starts at 11:30am

Source: www.wishtv.com

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