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New Hampshire Gov. Sununu endorses Chuck Morse days before Republican Senate primary


New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu endorsed US Senator Chuck Morse on Thursday, just days before Tuesday. Republican primary.

“We must overthrow (the senator) for this great nation. Maggie Hassan Chuck Morse is the frontrunner for that,” Sununu said at a press conference. “We couldn’t be more proud to stand by our partners who were on the Capitol.”

Morse faces off against retired Army Brigadier General Don Bolduc in Tuesday’s Republican primary. The winner of that contest will face Hassan, who is considered one of the most vulnerable senators to be re-elected this year. Some Republican leaders’ fears that Bolduc could win the nomination prompted spending from Republican groups on Morse’s behalf.

Sununu expressed his support for Morse by betting on the candidate most likely to beat the Democratic incumbent in the general election. Republicans need only win one seat to control the House.

“Chuck Morse is the candidate to beat Senator Hassan this November, whom Senator Hassan most fears to face,” continued Sununu. “I call on all Republicans to join us.”

Asked by a reporter about his recent conversation with Donald Trump, who does not endorse the campaign, Sununu said he encouraged the former president to get involved.

“Former President Trump called me about a week ago. I think we had a great conversation. I urged you to do so,” said Sununu.


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