DC Mayor declares public emergency over arrival of immigrants from Arizona and Texas

At a press conference, Bowser announced a new government agency tasked with local response to arriving migrants, which will also support new arrivals seeking asylum.

“We have a framework in place that allows us to coordinate our response with our partners,” said Mr. Bowser, a Democrat. “This includes programs for all buses. Given that most people travel, our primary focus is on humane and efficient ways to get people to their final destination. ensuring a positive and welcoming process.”

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott Inaugurated Bus migrants to the country’s capital in April to protest the Biden administration’s immigration policies. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, who is a Republican like Abbott, said he has sent hundreds of buses to D.C., none of which have expressed any intention to stop.

As of Thursday, the Texas Governor’s Office has sent more than 7,900 immigrants to the district on more than 190 buses, more than 2,200 immigrants to New York City on more than 40 buses, and more than 300 immigrants on more than five buses. sent more than one immigrant to Chicago.

a State government spreadsheet obtained by CNN A Freedom of Information Act request shows that as of August 9, Texas paid $12,707,720.92 to Wynne Transportation, a charter service that transports immigrants to New York and DC.

Arizona, which only serves buses to Washington, DC, sent 46 buses carrying 1,677 immigrants.

The county’s new Office of Immigration Services, housed within the Department of Welfare, will provide basic needs for arriving immigrants, including meals, transportation, emergency medical care, and transportation to connect people to resettlement services.

DC has allocated $10 million to set up and support new offices, and the mayor said he would seek a partial refund of that money through the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

A time-bound state of emergency would give Bowser and his administration more power and flexibility, allowing officials to mobilize people and resources more quickly and seek federal financial assistance. Bowser added that she will send an emergency bill to the DC Council to codify the new office.

The mayor of Washington, D.C., criticized Abbott and Ducey for their role in causing a “growing humanitarian crisis” but also took aim at the federal response, which he said was “missing in several ways.” rice field.

Last month, the Pentagon denied Bowser’s request for a second time. Activate the National Guard in DC.

The Pentagon said it was “not appropriate” to use the DC National Guard and that the Pentagon “cannot meet your request,” according to a copy of the rejection letter seen by CNN.

Bowser responded to the denial in a statement on Twitter at the time, stating: .”

She repeated that message on Thursday, vowing that the school district will “work with partners to advance what is needed and ensure that DC’s systems are not broken by a crisis that is not our fault.”

Source: www.cnn.com

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