5 things to know on September 8: Heat, Canada, Memphis shootings, Covid-19, Steve Bannon

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1. Heat waves

Scorching heat wave hits western US maintain its strength for the next few days. In California, the operator that controls most of the state’s power grid on Thursday asked residents to set the thermostat above 78 degrees, avoid major appliances, and turn off unnecessary lights in the evening. I have issued a warning to remove all. In neighboring Nevada, too, the available energy supply has fallen significantly, prompting residents to reduce their electricity usage. The US National Weather Service said the heat would then end “suddenly and abnormally” in parts of Southern California. rare hurricane pass near the area. Climate experts say the storm is likely to produce a surprising combination of extreme heat, flash floods, offshore wind damage and an increased fire threat through Saturday.

2. Canadian sting

Two brothers identified as suspects in connection with mass murder in canada I died this week. The day after the attack, one of his brothers was found dead, leaving 10 of him dead and 18 wounded in Saskatchewan. Canada, the police said. Another brother died Wednesday after being in “medical distress” after being arrested, officials said.The 10 victims ranged in age from his 23 to his 78. All but one James Smith was from the Cree He Nation’s indigenous community. It remains unclear what the motive for the stabbing was and how the brothers knew of any of the victims. , Some said they were randomly attacked.

3. Memphis shooting

Four people were killed and three injured in a shooting in Memphis, Tennessee. multiple crime scenes on wednesday. A 19-year-old suspect was arrested after he streamed at least one of the attacks on Facebook Live, police said.The shooting prompted authorities to declare a state of emergency for the entire city. shelter-in-place order when the police searched for the shooter. The Memphis Area Transit Authority also suspended bus and trolley services Wednesday, citing the danger posed by the shooter. Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland expressed anger at the riots at his press conference. “I am angry with the public,” he said. “People in our city have faced a type of violence that no one should face.”

4. Covid-19

CDC is currently rolling out Latest Covid-19 Vaccine Booster Following FDA approval late last month. These shots replace boosters previously offered to his 12+ in the US and target both the original strain of Covid-19 and his Omicron variant. With many Americans wondering whether to get a booster now or wait, some medical experts advise: shoot immediately If you have not been vaccinated in 2022 and have not had a recent infection. According to CDC guidelines, people who have recently recovered from Covid-19 are unlikely to be reinfected immediately after recovery, so they can wait three months after infection to get a booster.

5. Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon, former aide to former President Donald Trump, is expected to surrender later today and plead not guilty to charges related to fundraising to finance the construction of a wall along the US southern border. New York indictment claims Bannon and three others defrauded donors in border wall efforts, raised over $25 million. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office opened a criminal investigation into Bannon’s “We Build the Wall” crowd fundraiser early last year after then-President Trump. forgive bannon on federal fraud charges related to the same alleged scheme. However, the presidential pardon does not apply to state investigations.

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today’s number


That’s the starting price for Apple’s new iPhone 14, which is the same price as last year’s model.of new smart phone It has better battery life and camera capabilities, and it also includes new satellite connectivity to help people communicate in emergencies when cell service isn’t working.

quote of the day

“If we both can make it to the wall of the most famous address in the world, then again, it’s very important that all the young kids who doubt themselves believe they can too. That’s what this is about.” The country is about.”

— Former First Lady Michelle Obama Official portrait of the White House released of her and former President Barack Obama. While White House portrait unveilings are usually hosted by former presidents’ immediate successors, former President Trump did not hold a unveiling of Obama’s portrait during his tenure.

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