Target’s Ace CEO has three more years left

Cornell, 63, was approaching of the target (target) The retirement age for top executives is 65. But the company said it would retire that policy. Cornell also chairs Target’s board of directors.

The announcement ensures stability in Target’s steering, which has been one of the worst stretches in years. Because it’s running out, the chain is battling unsold inventory.

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“Consumers are really hard to measure at this point,” Cornell said. interview Wednesday on CBS.
old cornell walmart (WMT) When pepsi (PEPs) executive, It took over In the summer of 2014, as CEO of Target, I was shaken by a massive data breach during the previous holiday shopping season.
Cornell helped revitalize the brand and oversaw the strategy to transform stores to strengthen the chain’s online business and enable it to compete with its competitors. Amazon (AMZN)Since then, the company has used the store as a fulfillment hub to ship home delivery orders for its customers.
During Cornell’s tenure, Target opened hundreds of small stores in cities and college towns, adding dozens of popular in-house clothing and home goods brands.In 2019, CNN Business named Cornell Chief executive officer This year’s.

Target saw a surge in 2020 and 2021 as shoppers flooded stores to buy essentials, home and office supplies, and other items during the pandemic.

Target generated $40 billion in sales during his tenure at Cornell and nearly tripled its stock price. The company is America’s seventh largest retailer. by salesaccording to the National Retail Federation.


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