Neighbors express concern over changes to bustling Mount Pleasant Interchange

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (WCSC) – Neighbors oppose proposed changes to a busy intersection in Mount Pleasant, where tens of thousands of cars and semi-trailers pass through each day.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation said it hopes to improve the efficiency of Interstate 526 and Long Point Interchanges to meet future demand.

Project Director Joy Riley made a presentation Monday morning in front of a packed neighbor’s room during a meeting of the Transportation Commission in Mount Pleasant.

Riley said four of the six proposed alternatives will be analyzed in more detail.

Neighbors expressed concern about two of these four alternatives. This is due to the construction of another off-ramp for port access, which could take away some homes and add traffic and noise to the neighborhood.

Public comments for the replacement project closed on September 1, when the crew received hundreds of comments.

Riley said the crew will take these comments into account as they move forward.

“We pretty much put everything on the table,” Riley said. “These alternatives really came out on top to solve the problem, so from this point on, we probably won’t be adding any new alternatives unless it becomes clear that we haven’t seen it before.” will refine them to make them better and address community concerns.”

Riley estimates that the project will cost about $150 million to build, but an estimated completion date is still unknown.

Click here to see alternatives DOT proposed this interchange.


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