Chicago Bears Stadium News: Team Releases Open Letter, Website Reveals Potential Rendering of Arlington Park Stadium District

Chicago (WLS) — The Chicago Bears have released plans and renderings of what could be the franchise’s new home in Arlington Heights. Letters are sent to local residents.

team published the letter on their website A letter was written on Tuesday afternoon detailing that it would become a “multi-purpose entertainment district” rather than just a football stadium.

The Chicago Bears released renderings of their proposed Arlington Park stadium district on their website on Tuesday.

The Chicago Bears released renderings of their proposed Arlington Park stadium district on their website on Tuesday.

The Chicago Bears released renderings of their proposed Arlington Park stadium district on their website on Tuesday.

In a word, it is ambitious. The design has yet to be finalized, but it’s a sweeping entertainment mecca fueled by an enclosed stadium that the Bears will call home.

However, in addition to the stadium complex, there are mixed-use districts that include restaurants, offices, and even housing.

“I believe the diversification the Bears are talking about will help offset the costs associated with stadiums,” said Mark Gannis, a sports business consultant at SportsCorp.

In an open letter, the Bears said the project could create 48,000 jobs, bring a $9.4 billion economic impact to the region, and attract annual events such as the Super Bowl, college football playoffs and the Final Four. says.

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The Bears aren’t looking for public money in the stadium itself. However, the team said the Bears were seeking “additional funding and support” for its multi-purpose district, which it said would provide “long-term public interest.”

“What they are saying is that other developments are important to move the whole project forward and public support will be needed,” Gannis said.

But the idea of ​​public funding is unpopular with some.

“Let me be clear, no public funding is needed to develop this particular site,” said Martin Bauer, a resident of Arlington Heights.

Arlington Heights village board members submitted a petition Tuesday night signed by more than 650 Arlington Heights residents, calling for an ordinance banning public funding for the project.

Brian Costin of Americans for Prosperity Illinois said: There is nothing wrong with bears coming. They have enough money to pay for it themselves. ”

This is due to the city trying to keep the Bears in Chicago and suggesting a dome be installed at Soldier Field a few weeks ago.

“Plan B, Plan C, and other plans are also in the works should the Bears decide to abandon the city of Chicago,” Lightfoot said.

A village administrator in Arlington Heights declined to comment on the Bears’ proposal, saying the village had not been formally presented with anything to consider. said it was preparing to announce a public meeting for

Thursday’s community meeting will be at John Hershey High School from 7-9pm. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and are first-come, first-served until capacity is reached.

Read the full letter below.

In September 2021, the Chicago Bears signed a deal designed to secure the possibility of acquiring 326 acres of land in Arlington Heights and starting an exciting new chapter there. The property purchase contract is ongoing, but there are conditions that must be met in order to conclude the contract. Closing a property does not guarantee that it will be developed. Under the agreement with the Arlington Park seller, no other alternative stadium locations or opportunities, including the renovation of Soldier Field, will be discussed or explored. Decisions are made in the best interest of the Bears’ long-term future, the fans and the Chicagoland community.

If the team proceeds with the purchase of the Arlington Park property and the Bears organization chooses to proceed with the development of the property, the project will be one of the largest development projects in Illinois history. We envision a mixed-use entertainment district centered around a new best-in-class enclosed stadium that will provide Chicagoland with the right new home to host global events such as the Bowl, College Football Playoffs and Final Four.

Make no mistake, this is more than just a stadium project. The Arlington Park development is proposed to include a mixed-use recreational, commercial/retail, and residential district of substantial economic interest to Cook County, the surrounding area, and the state of Illinois. The long-term project vision for the entire property is a work in progress, but could include restaurants, office space, hotels, fitness centers, new parks and open spaces, and other improvements that the community will enjoy.

Above all, the Bears organization is committed to ensuring that projects benefit the people of Cook County, Chicagoland communities, and Illinois 365 days a year. If the decision is made to develop Arlington Park, there will be significant economic benefits commensurate with the scale of the project. Construction of the proposed project is projected to create more than 48,000 jobs, have an economic impact of $9.4 billion in Chicagoland, and bring in $3.9 billion in labor income to workers across the region, and is expected to reach completion. Our projects will create over 9,750 long-term jobs. , brings an annual economic impact of $1.4 billion to Chicagoland and $601 million in annual labor income for workers across Chicagoland. He also expects the development to bring annual tax revenue to his $16 million, on top of Arlington Heights property taxes, Cook County’s $9.8 million, and Illinois’ $51.3 million.

While the Bears will not seek public funding for the construction of a direct stadium structure, given the broad and long-term public interest of this project, they are partnering with various government agencies to assess the stadium’s feasibility. We look forward to securing the additional funding and assistance needed to support rest of the development.

We take serious steps to evaluate the unique opportunities presented to us.Bears remains committed to Soldier Field and respects its lease terms. The prospect of a traffic-oriented, mixed-use entertainment district underpinned by the new closed stadium is exciting for the Bears and the state at large, but there is much work to be done before closing the site. develop. We look forward to working with key partners and stakeholders throughout the Chicagoland community and Illinois in the coming months.

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