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Lahore smart city is the first of its kind project in the majestic city of Lahore. The housing society has the latest and the most advanced features. It is the only second smart city in Pakistan. The fist is Capital smart city Islamabad. Furthermore, investors find the housing society enticing and intriguing because of its prime location. In addition, many other factors make the housing society attractive to potential investors. 

Lahore Smart City Location 

The location of the project is nothing less than ideal. It is on the Lahore bypass close to the Lahore interchange. The site is accessible through two routes: Lahore-Sialkot motorway or Grand Trunk Lahore Road. 

Moreover, many central areas of Lahore city are just a few minutes away. Such as the new UET campus is only a five minutes’ drive away from the community. Moreover, the renowned DHA Lahore is 18 minutes away, and so is the Allama Iqbal Lahore Airport. Additionally, the location does not isolate the housing society from the main city but offers a more relaxing and peaceful environment. 

Smart City Payment plan 

One of the biggest concerns of investors is the payment plan. Therefore, Lahore smart city made sure to provide a payment plan that is flexible and understandable. Investors have to pay 10% down payment. After that, 10% confirmation is mandatory. Its payment time is of two months. In addition, you can pay the rest of the payment in 12 quarterly instalments over three years. 

The housing society’s payment plans make buying any plot of your choice easy. Their payment plans bring you closer to your dream house and life. Moreover, on lump sum payments, they offer a discount of 10%. On half payments, they offer a 5% refund. Thus, all these benefits make this housing society the right choice for investors. 

Variety of block 

LDA approved Society

The biggest concern of any interested investor is the NOC status of any housing society. However, this housing society seems so desirable to investors because it is entirely legal. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) approved the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Lahore Smart City. Additionally, the housing society received its LDA approval in only fifty-five days. 

Due to its NOC approval, more and more people have started investing in the housing society. The prices are rising fast on account of the new NOC status. The approved NOC status ensures that all the properties are legitimate. Thus, making sure you live in full safety and security. 

Variety of blocks

The housing society offers a wide range of blocks: executive, overseas, overseas executive block and general block. Additionally, residential and commercial are on every block. All the blocks offer different features and price ranges. The executive block is a prestigious sector of the housing society. It provides every facility that one can only dream of. Furthermore, the overseas and overseas executive blocks are exclusively for overseas Pakistanis. Its purpose is to provide secure investment possibilities to overseas Pakistanis. 

Last is the general block. It is the most known and familiar block of the housing society. It offers every essential facility, 24/7 security and family-friendly neighbourhoods. 

Trusted developers

The best thing about this housing society is its trusted developer project. Habib Rafiq (PVT) Ltd and Future Development Holdings (PVT) Ltd manage the project’s construction. It is the company’s second collaboration after Capital Smart City Islamabad. Both are capable and accomplished in their field. Moreover, the companies have worked on top significant projects.

Future Development Holdings

Future Development Holdings (FDH) is a renowned company. In addition, they are a part of Companies Ordinance 1984 as a partner consortium. The company’s mission is to create top-quality projects through determination and professionalism. 

Habib Rafiq (PVT) Ltd

Habib Rafiq (PVT) Ltd came into being in 1962 and has provided excellence and quality. They have achieved an ISO 900 certificate through their hard work and commitment. The certification further amplifies their diligence. The company is also committed to other fields like aviation and design. 

With these two development moguls included in the project, it is safe to say that investors are highly attracted to this project.  

Smart features 

The unique thing about this housing society is its rare smart features. It is the first time in Pakistan that a society’s whole concept of housing is “smart living”. It provides many smart features such as free wifi, automated street and traffic lights and smart hospitals that offer state-of-the-art technology.

Besides that, the society offers every other facility like parks, mosques, gyms, shopping malls and stores, top-class schools and 24 hours professional security. 


Lahore smart city is a unique and one-of-a-kind project. It offers luxury and comfort as you have never seen before. Moreover, the housing society aims to deliver new smart living in an environmentally friendly environment. Therefore, investors find this society the right place to invest their money due to all these qualities.

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