Boris Johnson Says Goodbye, Liz Truss Becomes New British Leader: Live Update

Liz Truss, the new leader of the Conservative Party and elected Prime Minister-elect, gives a speech at an event to announce the winner of the Conservative Party leadership election in central London, England, September 5. (Adrian Dennis) /AFP/Getty Images)

Britain officially welcomes a new leader — the fourth in just over six years.

Truss won Monday’s Conservative leadership election, beating cabinet colleague-turned-rival Rishi Sunak after a summer-long campaign.

Although she was not elected by the British people, she was elected thanks to 81,326 Tory votes. Now she has to take charge of her one of the world’s largest economies and appeal to tens of millions of voters.

Mr Truss will announce his new cabinet on Tuesday and will speak outside Downing Street, but the reality is that few Britons seem overly excited about their new leader.

That’s because the cost of living crisis is skyrocketing. Household expenses are skyrocketing in every household, and Truss is under pressure to announce how she plans to help from day one.

Truss will also inherit a political party that has been underperforming in the polls after being in power for 12 years. The downfall of Boris Johnson, who was forced to resign after a seemingly endless string of scandals over rule-breaking and misconduct, has hurt the reputation of many senior Conservative Party officials in connection. support for her party.

And on the international stage, the Truss must manage and at the same time oversee the British response to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine. Fierce Quarrel with the EU On UK post-Brexit arrangements.

Truss will begin work on the upcoming intray later today.


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